Priapism – Last Stand (EP) 2005 1332 RecordsWith intensity and urgency Priapism’s Last Stand blasts out at you from the speakers with metal-laden insurgency. Hailing from a seemingly odd location for this type of aggressive metal, Boise, Idaho’s Priapism puts it out there in such a way to convince you that Boise may not be the north western cow town that you’d probably expect.Last Stand is reminiscent of the hardcore metal onslaught of bands such as All Out War and Premonitions of War (war seems to be a binding thematic element here) Priapism offers a bit more diversity than that however with Clutch like breakdowns and a lot of Slayer influenced progressions. Musically the EP pounds and shreds, and for the most part I don’t have any complaints. I do however always make a point of contention with growling death metal vocals. That sort of thing ain’t my cup of tea. Fortunately much of the vox are done in a more intelligible hardcore friendly way.Aside from that, 3 of the 4 tracks clock in over 3 minutes with the average being approximately 3.8 minutes. My short attention span just can’t keep up. Barring any of my personally perceived down falls, Priapism seems to be a pretty promising new band. Actually

Ty Tabor

Ty Tabor – Naomi's Solar Pumpkin (re-master) © 1997 Tabor Tooth Records – 2005 Official bootlegThe version of Naomi's Solar Pumpkin (NSP) that I am reviewing is the 2005 re-master of the original 1997 release. Written and released by Ty Tabor , the astounding guitar player and song writer from the perpetually underrated band King's X, NSP reflects the best parts of Faith Hope Love era Kings X. The CD is filled with some of the most tasteful guitar work around and though it crosses a lot of gray area genres, it is largely on the mellow side. (this is of course subjective) In regards to the more aggressive end of the CD's spectrum, Ty Tabor was running “Drop-D” tuning long before it became the status quo. This is certainly evident on NSP. I can't exactly speak for the quality difference between the original and the re-master as I don't have the original for a reference. I will however just assume that the new version is better. That being said, I'll keep this short. Ty rocks!-Jerry Actually


Horrorpops – Bring It On (c) 2005 Hellcat Records The second release by the Horrorpops sounds a bit like Siouxsie Sioux over a rockabilly band. I was hoping for more ‘Psycho’billy action considering that the Necroman and now Geoff Kresge are playing the guitar. It’s a good relase, but I wish it had more guts.http://www.hell-cat.com Actually

10 In The Swear Jar

10 In The Swear Jar – Accordion Solo (c) 2005 Asian Man Records10 in the swear jar is a short-lived band formed from the ashes of IBOPA and eventually evolved into Xiu Xiu. Accordion Solo is the result of the music made from 1999-2000 and is recently made available on Asian Man Records. My gut instinct is to tell you that you probably wont like this stuff. If you are regular consumer of !upstarter reviews, don't bother, this isn't your cup of tea. If, however, you are adventurous, give it a shot. I didn't like it. I can't even really describe why. It was almost like elevator music when I listened to it. It was there, but the impact was so minimal that it was hardly even noticed.-Jerry Actually

Dr. Kilpatient

Dr. Kilpatient – Some Old Fashioned Maladies (c) 2004 Dr. KilpatientI suppose the best term coming to the top of my mind right now is spatial. Having spilled coffee all over the CD, I will give the best account I can, by memory alone. In order to pigeon-hole things, which is something I love, the Dr. is oft reminiscent of Mr. Bungle. I think fans and enemies of either outfit would probably agree. Mrs. !upstarter found it to be similar to one of her least favorite acts, Ramogasm, though I would have to disagree. The lyrics are clever though often too reliant on obvious rhyme schemes and the music for all intents and purposes is electronic, cosmic and largely disjointed. Incidentally, the logo, when viewed upside down, appear to spell “audiofuckup”. Take that for what it's worth. If your like you music best enjoyed while chemically enhanced or otherwise mentally impaired, come on, give Dr. Kilpatient a shot.www.drkilpatient.comJerry Actually

PAMA Intl. [Float Like a Butterfly]

PAMA International – Float Like a Butterfly (c) 2005 Asian Man Records Wow! Great stuff. Full review coming soon — ok as promised. Pama International what a clever band; I was, dare I say, anticipatory when I heard tale of a new release from a band comprised of previous member of Madness, The Specials, Special Beat and the Paul Weller Band. When “Float Like a Butterfly” arrived in my mail I was very excited, until I played the CD that is. I felt let down. I expected to be immediately blown away. Little did I know the power that lay dormant in this clever little multi-layer plastic and aluminum timebomb. It apparently was set to go off in about 2 weeks time. I kept listening and listening and the songs were running through my head. I must admit, I was wrong right out of the gate, but I have come around. “Float Like a Butterfly” is a masterful creation by legends of the art. Don't hesitate; buy it now. If you don't like it, give it a few weeks. It will grow on you like a plague, I swear. Actually

Screeching Weasel – How to Make Enemies and Irritate People


(c) 2005 Asian Man Records

“How to Make Enemies and Irritate People” is already my favorite Screeching Weasel album, having been re-mastered only makes it sweeter. Personal favorites on the album include ’99’ ‘Time Bomb’ and ‘I Wrote Holden Caulfield’.

I believe that there is little else that need be said about it; I mean it freakin’ rocks, but I do suppose that when you’re reading this you may well have crawled out of the primordial ooze somewhere and logged into the internet for the very first time just to see what the heck punk rock was all about, or alternately, you are receiving this on a remote satellite transmission in outer space. So very well, Screeching Weasel are pop punk pioneers who helped hone an affinity for the Ramones into a staggeringly huge sub-genre of its own, as well as being the progenitors of other influential bands like The Queers and the Riverdales.

Their music takes a comedic approach and reflects the quasi-casual partly cornered attitude of modern suburbia. Though unlike the suburban restlessness and boredom that spawned the punk rock of a prior generation, Screeching Weasel seem more content to be goofy and often sappy. I would contend that they probably had a pretty decent time growing up in suburban Chicago.

I suppose I am kind of rambling on here, so, “How to Make Enemies and Irritate People” re-mastered and re-released brand sparkin’ new liner notes; Out now on Asian Man Records. Buy it now. That makes it brand new for you!

-Jerry Actually

Coquettish [High Energy Politics]

Coquettish – High Energy Politics (c) 2005 Asian Man Recordsco·quette n. (ko-ket') – A woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures; a flirt.Coquettish on the other hand are a sweet ska-tinged punk rock band outta Yokohama (where also sweet tires come from) Japan. “High Energy Politics” is the full-length debut from this quintet, the follow up to the “Total Pops Madness” EP and their first release in over 4 years. 4 years seems to be an exceedingly long amount of time for a band to wait between releases. Usually this signifies a breakup or lineup change. I can't say for certain what was the case, but I think it was worth the wait. Listen to “High Energy Politics” and see if you don't say to yourself, “I'll be damned. This sounds like Japanese-accented Suicide Machines.” This stands all too well to reason, as it is produced by the Suicide Machine's own Dan Lukacinsky. Not to say that Coquettish are coping on someone else's sound, they certainly have style of their own, but the influence is certainly there. “High Energy Politics” is a fun fast rocking CD. It's out now on Asian Man Records. Go'n get yerself a copy. Oh, and for the record, they are ninja, not geisha.http://www.justrock-store.com Actually

Screeching Weasel [Wiggle]

Screeching Weasel – Wiggle(re-release) © 2005 Asian Man Records Wiggle was their fourth full length album originally released in '92 on Lookout Records. Its been out of print for quite some time. Now its back, Remastered and redesigned with bonus tracks, never before seen photos, and special liner notes. This is a fantastic album with the rockin' and rollin' line up consisting of who else but Ben Weasel on vocs, Jughead on Guitar, Johnny Personallity on 2nd guitar, Dan Panic on Drums and Dan Vapid on bass. With their silly lack of seriousness in lyrics add some great music and voila you have a magical mix of wonderfullness. I highly recommend this album to all Screeching Weasel fans and everyone else because it totally rocks!http://www.screechingweasel.com -Shann13

The Lawrence Arms

The Lawrence Arms [Cocktails & Dreams] © 2005 Asian Man Records“Cocktails & Dreams” is the long awaited B-sides release from Chicago’s The Lawrence Arms. The disc contains mostly tracks from now out-of-print split cd’s, however it isn’t just factory seconds and cans of creamed asparagus. There is an exclusive new song and 2 (count ‘em 1, 2) new versions of previously recorded material. Fans of the member’s former bands The Broadways and Slapstick will appreciate the melodic Chicago style punk rock. I know that I am pigeon-holing but the Chicago sound seems to be embodied by a quick paced (relatively) emo-laden punk. “Cocktails & Dreams” is 16 tracks of bittersweet melodies and cold grey weather anxiety. With songs about drinking, drinking too much, and not doing so in the future, cocktails and dreams is a must have for anyone that likes to sit in dimly lit rooms knocking back the last swig of malt liquor before finding their bottle of booze, all the while wondering where the hell this life is going to; Probably Pensacola.http://www.thelawrencearms.net Actually