Handheld [S/T]

Handheld(c) 2008 Year of the Sun "Good morning Canada. How are you today?" "Oh just fine thanks. What can I do for you?" "Well, I'd like some new punk rock. What have you got?" "Well, we have this new self-title CD from some of our favorite sons, Handheld." "Hmmmm, Handheld you say. I've never heard of them. Are they any good?" "Are they any good? well of course they are. Maybe you should keep reading."   Hailing from (what I can only assume it the Canadian equivalent to the OC) Kitchener, Ontario, Handheld have been cranking out the punk rock in true DIY fashion, booking their own shows, self-financing their releases, paying for their own beer (yeah right). Seriously though, the DIY ethic and personal pride shine through in their music. Handheld's new self-titled release brings a melodic and emotional, yet quick paced punk melange somewhere in the vein of  Face to Face vs.  The Lawrence Arms.  15 regularly scheduled tracks and one bonus track special should help push the ratings up for new and old fans alike. Enjoy!–Jerry Actually

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