HorrorPops [Kiss Kiss Kill Kill]

HorrorPops – Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (c) 2008 HellCat RecordsHere we are in the still wee months of ’08 and here at !upstarter, we already have amassed a collection of great releases for the new year. Among them is the soon to be released, (Feb. 5th) HorrPops record “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”. What started as a bit of an experimental side project for Kim Nekroman and wife Patricia Day has turned into an alt-psycho-surf-punk-pop-wave juggernaut. “Kiss Kiss…” follows somewhat behind the heels of 2005’s “Bring it On” and returns to the three-piece roots of the bands debut “Hell Yeah!”. The new disc features 12 tracks of goodies including: Track 2 “Missfit” an snotty attribution against the “right side of the tracks” society. Track 4 “Disco” an affront on current day 80’s disco whores and Track 11 “My Picture” a pining tale of breakups and cheaters. Despite being a slower release than I was hoping for, HorrorPops have taken a step back closer to home. I think the trio formula works for them, in so far as they can worry more about the music than an unecessarily extravagant production. That being said “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” is a solid release. If you dig New Wave with Rockabilly underpinnings and vocals much akin to Siouxsie Sioux, pick this up when you can get your hot little hands on it. –Jerry Actually

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