No Use For A Name

No Use For A Name – The Feel Good Record Of The Year(c) 2008 Fat Wreck ChordsEvery generation needs a Night Ranger, a Journey, an REO Speedwagon. Some generations may even claim a need for a Loverboy. Good luck for you current generation, you’ve got No Use For A Name, the embodiment of all that was good about late 70’s – early 80’s rock n’ roll, but wait there’s more. You also get that same sweet rockin’ with the added bonus of a punk rock edge.San Jose, CA’s No Use For A Name of course are already legends in their own time. (any punk band that can claim two decades is by default legendary) However, unlike the effect that time has on some things, No Use For A Name haven’t gone softly into that good night. The Feel Good Record Of The Year, out this month on Fat offers 14 new tracks of highly polished luster. (thanks in part I suspect by being recorded at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson) The disc has range both musically and emotionally. However, it seems regardless of the tone or the tempo, each has its own smoldering intensity. Even better, like their forefathers of rock, the disc in entirety drips with anthemic goodness. In fact, it may not only be the feelgood record of the year. It may just be the soundtrack to your life.–Jerry Actually

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