The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem "Senor and the Queen" EP (c) 2008 Hey, Gaslight Anthem, New Jersey just called and they want Bruce Springsteen back. No, I am totally just kidding. Gaslight Anthem is a Rock and Roll band from straight outta New Brunswick, New Jersey, and here's the juice: Any band worth their cajones that comes from Jersey owes a bit of respect to The Boss.This EP is full of mad respect.  Senor and the Queen is a bit of a teaser EP after 2007's well hailed "Sink or Swim" and in anticipation of a new forthcoming full length.  However short though it may be, it is packed with guts and rock.  Reminiscient of Bruce, Ryan Adams and Nathan Asher, but with a bit more underlying punk snear.  No matter what, I look forward to the new full length.  In the mean time you can pick up your copy of Senor and the Queen when you catch The Gaslight Anthem on tour in a town near you.  What the hell, go to a town far away and see them and get a copy.–Jerry Actually

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