You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll!


unspecified“You Can’t Kill Rock ‘N Roll” is a fund-raising compilation for Supersuckers’ frontman Eddie Spaghetti’s fight against stage three oropharynx cancer. It features unreleased tracks from Mudhoney, ZEKE, Jack Endino, John McBain, the first track that The Derelicts have recorded in 25 years and many more! It’s a limited release and only available on CD (No digital download).

All profits go to the Spaghetti family. Orders can be made through:

Getting to Know Slim Wray


slim_wray (585x800)Where are you from and when did you get started?

We’re based out of Brooklyn and formed Slim Wray in 2012 – but prior to that, Howzr and Chris have been playing around the NYC scene in punk/grunge band, “Ten Pound Strike.” Brian later joined after he and Chris met while some session work at the Vault Studios in Hoboken. We also recorded our debut album “Sack Lunch” at the Vault with producer, Dan McLoughlin.

Who are you and who does what in the band?

I, Chris, I Drummer

I, Howzr, I Singer and Guitarer

I, Brian, I Bass

How would you best describe the sound?

A 1960’s high school dance that starts with guys on one side of the gym and girls on the other side. Very sweet and innocent. But then some smart-ass spikes the punch with grain alcohol, creating “Jungle Juice” for the first time ever. Pandemonium ensues. The band starts playing backwards revealing satanic verse, then the kids start dancing crazy like that scene from Matrix 3, a motor cycle gang crashes the party and does wheelies on the basketball court, that kid from Science Class sees a bra for the first time, likes it, paratroopers repel from the ceiling, Ms. Kalinsky’s face melts revealing she is –in fact- ZAAR –the alien explorer from the planet Klanduu on a 5000-year mission to observe Human mating rituals, a bucket of blood is dumped on the prom queen. She retaliates with fire made from her mind. Burns the place down. Cats and dogs living together. You know, mass hysteria.

Dream rock moment (real or not)?

I don’t know if you heard, but a few weeks ago, Dave Grohl fell off stage and unfortunately broke his leg. But, so great was his commitment to rock, that he got right back up there with a makeshift cast and finished the set. It was an epic day. One day, I hope to break my leg on stage, and have Dave Grohl pick me and hold me in his arms as I finish playing the set. Then I know that I can retire on top.

Still got day jobs?

You know, everyone in bands has day jobs these days. Even the big stars you wouldn’t expect, like for instance, The Edge from U2. Seriously. Yeah, true story: our tour van pulled up to a Hardees drive-thru somewhere – West Lafayette, Indiana, I think. And there, working the window was The Edge from U2! I’m like, “dude, what the hell? Why aren’t you on tour right now?” And he’s like, “yeah, man, we want to but you know, we gotta save some money right now for gas and tolls.” Its crazy. I mean, if even The Edge has to save-up for tour gas money…

But we got it all figured out. It’s our startup called chikknn. It’s this app on your phone that, no matter where you are, will locate the nearest fried chicken joint. If there is somebody else in the same vicinity that has the app, it will tell you they also like fried chicken. We’re seeking outside investments. So if you know anyone…

Any regrets?

Howzr – That I quit my high school band metal band, Meatmuffin. We were once the top house party draw in Butler, IN, and top slinger of Sabbath riffs east of the Mississippi. It was a simpler time.

Chris – That I never reached-in and petted that tiger at the Bronx zoo -even though the sign said “don’t feed the tigers.” It would be easier to play drums with 5 fingers instead of 2.

Listen to “Take It or Leave It” HERE.


-Jerry Actually

Drunk Couples – Cruisin’



drunk_couples_cruisinDo you remember the early nineties? Do you remember when glam died and rock and roll made its way back into our collective hearts? Drunk Couples does.

I say that and you’re like, “what?” I’m all, “Dude I used to own Bleach on color vinyl.” Then you go, “huh?” Ok fine. I remember when grunge stomped the guts out of the hair bands reign and some guts came back into rock and roll, and well that brings us to this EP.

Most of the time I’d look up a band, see where they’re from, get a vibe for what they’re about, ya know, kinda see what’s going on. This time I’m going to take a different approach. I’ve got the Cruisin’ EP cranked on my headphones right now. I don’t want to know where this band’s from. I don’t care if they’re on their 25th bass player because their 24th joined the Merchant Marines, I just want to rock the hell out.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you are perhaps aware that I’m generally not that impressed with “Rock and Roll.” I’m willing to make an exception for this release. The tracks are tight. The songs have passion while avoiding being saccharine or trite. It doesn’t go into slow jam or ballad mode. “Cruising'” is five tracks of pure win.

Bottom line: Fans on Motorhead, Misfits, Tad, and The Fluid are gonna love this. Fans of Mother Love Bone might. (Unless you really were into Andy Wood’s vocals, then maybe not) Either way these tracks are decent and you should find this band and give ’em a high five or whatever the cool kids do nowadays.

(Side note: I wrote this almost entirely on a cell phone. Take that keyboards! (except for that previous sentence and this one, which I totally used a keyboard for.))

-Jerry Actually

The Carry-Ons – Succession


(c) 2011 Stik Man Records

Straight outta muthafuckin’ Hotlanta is The Carry-Ons with their brand new rocker, “Succession”, and boy let me tell you what: Succession brings it in a whole lot of directions.

Musically The Carry-Ons are a blend of rock and punk with more emphasis on the punk. The songs are mid to upper mid tempo jobs that all feel pretty solid. They big draw though is the range. In addition to a great level of dynamics in the music, the song styles and vocals range between influences like AFI, Gogol Bordello, Meatloaf, Millencolin and a track that could damn well be a Street Dogs cover. I’d say they got the musical ground pretty well covered.

The CD offers 12 tracks ranging from around a minute to just over four, ya know, for the ballad lovers out there. The epic track length aside, I’ve been rolling this disc in my car for a while now and the more I listen, the more I like.

Bottom line is this, branch out from your radio-rock douchbaggery and hit some new tunes with The Carry-Ons new CD Succession. I triple dog dare you.

You can find out more at

–Jerry Actually

NOFX – The Longest EP

NOFX – The Longest EP


© 2010 Fat Wreck Chords

Do you even remotely enjoy NOFX? Have you? Might you? … If you’ve answered in the affirmative to any and/or all of these questions, then what is not to like about The Longest EP? I know that I’m a bit tardy in getting this review out, but better late than some other thing, right?

At any rate, The Longest EP brings together a career-spanning collection of many of the best EP’s the band has offered up to date. From the one-sheet, it contains, “NOFX’s first Fat Wreck Chords release The PMRC Can Suck On This to their latest Cokie the Clown.” As an added bonus, you also get 8 tunes that have heretofore been unavailable on anything but vinyl (or maybe cassette).

But I digress. If you’re in anyway a fan of NOFX and would like a 30-pack of classic (old and new) tracks on one damn fine compendium, than The Longest EP is the shizzle for you. … I won’t break down the original source material. You can check the track listing below and back-reference on your own if you’re so inclined. … but wait there’s more. It also has a monster of an insert w/ lyrics some that you’ve barely understood until now.

-Jerry Actually

For fans of: NOFX, Punk, Everything that’s good.

Track listing:

1: The Death of John Smith
2: The Longest Line
3: Stranded
4: Remnants
5: Kill All the White Man
6: I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
7: Perverted
8: My Name Is Bud
9: Hardcore 84
10: War on Errorism Commercial
11: 13 Stitches (Acoustic)
12: Glass War
13: Jaw Knee Music
14: Concerns of a GOP Neo-phyte
15: Golden Boys
16: You’€™re Wrong
17: Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)
18: I’€™m Going to Hell for This One
19: I’€™ve Become a Cliché
20: Cokie the Clown
21: Straight Outta Massachusetts
22: Fermented and Flailing
23: Codependence Day
24: My Orphan Year (Acoustic)
25: S&M Airlines (7″€ version)
26: Dueling Retards
27: On the Rag
28: A200 Club
29: Shut Up Already
30: The Punk Song

Becca’s U.S. Debut CD






“the stage presence of Joan Jett and Suzy Quattro all rolled into one 20 year old young woman with a bit of a chip on her shoulder and a edge that we’ve not

seen since those two artists hit rock in the late 70s”

– Young Poor And Angry Press, September 2009

Hailing from Portland, OR and now based out of Los Angeles Becca has already made a mark on the international music charts and she is gearing up to do the same in the U.S. as she gears up for the release for her U.S. debut CD ALIVE!! co-written and produced by singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks who had hits herself with such songs as “Bitch” and “What Would Happen.”  Becca’s ALIVE!! to drop on January 5 at all digital outlets and Amazon Disc On Demand via SIN – SonyMusic Independent Network.

Equally adept at belting out full-throttle, female empowering rockers as she is crooning big arena-sized power ballads Becca carves a melodic blast on songs like “I’m ALIVE!,” her vow to live life to the fullest in the wake of the premature death of a friend, and “Turn Up the Stereo,” a cautionary tale to her peers about the dead-end offered by non-stop partying as well as songs examining personal relationships, such as “Turn to Stone,” “Lose You Now” and “Perfect Me,” the expressions of an artist who is wise beyond her years.  Sugary enough to give you a tooth ache until she throws you a sucker punch to the gut!

Look for US tour dates to be announced soon.

ALIVE!! Track listing:

  1. I’m ALIVE!
  4. Turn Up The Stereo
  5. Guilty Pleasure
  6. Kickin’ & Screamin’
  7. Lose You Now
  8. EMPTY
  9. Without You
  10. Make You Mad
  11. Perfect Me
  12. Falling Down

Check out or

Follow her at

VW Trainwreck – Dramaturgy

(c) 2009 VW Trainwreck

vw_trainwreckWe are The D. We are The D. We are The D. We are The D. … er wait they’re VW Trainwreck. They are also a three piece punk-n-roll band from Tempe, AZ. Don’t get me wrong by the D reference. I enjoy the D and VW Trainwreck offers some of that same appeal (albeit without the dead on comedy approach except maybe on #5 VW ThemeWreck ) Dramaturgy kicks out 16 heavy tracks. Some of these tracks are over 4 minutes. Unless you are making a Rock Opera, this is unacceptable. All tracks over four minutes will only be listened to for 2:15 (I get to pick which parts) … ah yes, that is much better. If you wanna know what the band is all about, here is a bit from the one sheet, “The album revolves heavily around”. Sure that is way out of context, but I think it sums up Dramaturgy nicely. It is mostly heavy. It revolves around. On a more real note this disc is decent but runs a little too far into the rock vein for my personal preference. I would like to check out a live show though as it does appear that they know how to rock.

–Jerry Actually


The Bolsheviks – Action Reaction

(c) 2009 Red Square Records

bolsheviks_action_reactionHere’s a headline: Bristol’s Bolsheviks’ Bring It! … “Ok”, you say, “smart guy”. “What is it that these Bolsheviks are bringing?” Well sir, it’s the muthafukin’ rock and roll for one and for two refer to number one. Seriously though, Action Reaction, the new CD from The Bolsheviks is hard to place but hard to put down at the same time. It is an eclectic mix of sound. I hear flashes of spacial sounding guitars ala Voivod and hard driving bass lines akin to Hogan’s Heroes. Hell they even remind me a bit of the Cadillac Tramps on track 6 “Stole My Name”. With all that is a crazy mash up of haunted house psychobilly grooves and an undeniable mod rock Clash factor. Though in all fairness I have no idea if these blokes ever listened to either of those bands, I do know there is a bit o’ psycho in ’em. The Bolsheviks formed in 2005 from the remnants of bands such as Lux, Rout and Misdormeanour. The wide-ranging prior influences of the collective memebers comes together for what works out to be a damn good CD. Apparently the band forewent any digital recording on the CD and went full analog. This decision lends well to the rather basement dwelling / garage haunting vibe that Action Reaction is all about. 11 tracks that combine punk, rock, psycho and and a strong retro vibe. If you can find them on this side of the pond, by all means do. Otherwise I suggest packin’ up the fam and moving to jolly ol’ England to catch some of this.

–Jerry Actually


Roll the Tanks – Suffer City

(c) 2008 INR
[rating: 3/5]

Fire the guns and Roll the Tanks! Here’s the new disc from (now) L.A. based band Roll the Tanks. Suffer City is the sophomore effort from the band. Originally from the Boston area, the band now contends with sunshine and smog. I’m not familiar with the bands prior work, but what I’m hearing on the new disc is enjoyable so far. What you get is 11 tracks of somewhat unique sounding punkish rock somewhere between The Clash and Modest Mouse. In all honesty, I’m rushing through this, but for real I do like what I’m hearing. It (the disc) has a distinct early 80’s vibe to it. I’d even go so far as to say I’ll listen to it again.

–Jerry Actually


Hay Perro – Summer of Destruction (EP)

(c) 2008 Belgian Style Records
[rating: 3.5/5]

From lands far east of here, in a town known unto legend as the Windy City and Chi-Town comes forth a alchemist’s concoction. Combining the dark forces of metal, the thunder of rock and the furious pace of the mighty jackalope a newer stronger less leaden band has been thrust forth thusly. Harkin unto Hay Perro I say. Listen to their five mighty tracks of sonic and rhythmic destruction. Ok, but more seriously I was getting way side tracked into the Dark Age tale of yore. Hay Perro hails from Chicago and has been around for about half a decade. “Summer of Destruction” brings it with five tracks of metal tinged rock and roll. You can certainly hear the Maiden influence as well as Kiss and perhaps a little Zeke … but what do I know? Comparisons aside Hay Perro has a fresh rock sound and from what I can gather would likely be quite formidable in front of you on a stage, preferably somewhere near to where you are. So, um, without further banter, go check ‘em out on the inter-tubes: and

–Jerry Actually