Millencolin [Machine 15]

Millencolin – Machine 15 (c) 2008 Epitaph RecordsI have to be perfectly honest. I’ve never really been a big Millencolin supporter. While I respect their ability to kick out the jams and their consistent performance over the years, something about the Swedish punk favs has always left me wishing it were a little more something … can I really define what it is that I am not finding? not quite. Now, however, I’m listening to Machine 15, and perhaps I have softened to Millencolin over time. Maybe I’ve lightened up my stance on pop oriented music. I find myself not walking away from this new release. For the fans Machine 15 brings you, oddly, 15 new tracks of what is very obviously well poslished Millencolin material and its growing on me like a slime mold. –Jerry Actually

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