D.I. [On the Western Front]

D.I. On the Western Front(c) 2007 Suburban Noize RecordsWelcome back to the realm of the realm of the slightly more living. D.I. (yes, the legendary OC punk band) is back with a new release. “On The Western Front” builds on their solid foundation of fundamental SoCal suburban punk angst.12 tracks of slamming skate punk will have you bouncing off the walls while you attempt to tear them down. Contextually, “On The Western Front” runs dark. Casey Royer (D.I.’s front man and only perpetual member) will let you know what a cess pit that OC has become (or perhaps was destined to be). This is what happens when surburban dreams turn into a constant waking nightmare: bitterness, animosity, punk rock, skating. Then again, this is punk rock in its element straight from the “gutters of paradise”. But down to brass tacks, if you like your punk to come from the pioneers, go and grab a copy, rock out. If not, go and buy two. You know these guys are going to need to pad their retirement fund.–Jerry Actually

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