HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION Reissue 3rd Album & Release Special 7” Vinyl!

Zürich Rockabilly Icons THE HILLBILLY MOON EXPLOSION Reissue 3rd Album & Release Special 7” Vinyl!

Los Angeles, CA – When last we heard from Swiss rockabilly phenoms The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, they had just inked a deal with U.S.-based label Cleopatra Records to reissue their first two albums, the incredible 2002 debut album, fittingly entitled Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, as well as the sophomore effort, Bourgeois Baby. Now comes the third album, the exquisite All Grown Up, which is being released on both CD in a slick digipak as well as on a limited-edition PURPLE SPLATTER vinyl in gatefold jacket. Originally released in 2007, All Grown Up, as the title suggests, shows the band maturing in both their songwriting and arranging talents, offering a diverse palette of blues, ska, jazz and early rock stylings.

Order the CD/LP:https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=hillbilly+moon+explosion+all+grown+up&post_type=product

Stream/download All Grown Up:https://orcd.co/o0vkq1a

And for an extra special holiday treat, the band has prepped a rockin’ RED & WHITE splatter 7″ featuring the lead-off track “Chick Habit” from their debut album backed with a gorgeous ballad “Many Tears Ago” from Bourgeois Baby. Makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!

Order the 7”:https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/the-hillbilly-moon-explosion-chick-habit-limited-edition-7-splatter-vinyl/

All Grown Up Tracklist:
1. Walk Italian
2. Need You to Stay
3. Live the Life
4. The Long Way Down
5. Putty in Your Hands
6. Brown Eyed Boy
7. Tornado
8. House of Bamboo
9. Somebody Changed the Lock
10. All Grown Up
11. Oh Oh Mojo
12. Little Lil
13. Midnight Track
14. Moonshine Song

THE METEORS Celebrate The Release Of Their Newest Album SKULL N BONES

Psychobilly Legends THE METEORS Celebrate The Release Of Their Newest Album SKULL N BONES With A Killer Video For “A NIGHT IN THE TOMBS!”     Los Angeles, CA – Meteors fans have been hotly anticipating the release of the band’s newest full-length album, Skull N Bones, for awhile now, but they’ve been even more eagerly awaiting an opportunity to see the band perform live. After all, The Meteors have built their reputation as one of the most outrageously raucous bands on the planet by putting together a high energy performance at every show, blending their punk rock sensibility and attitude with the swagger and style of rockabilly. Well, today The Meteors are proud to announce that the wait for their new album is finally over as Skull N Bones officially hits the street today, and accompanying the album is a fantastic new video that will at least gives fans a taste of what’s in store for them when the band is able to launch an official, full-scale world tour behind the album. The video for “A Night In The Tombs” consists of brand new footage shot while the members are in quarantine and mixed with excellent live footage of the band from older shows. It’s a genuinely thrilling way to launch the new album and is sure to get the fans clamoring for more!

Watch the video for “A Night In The Tombs”:

Purchase Skull N Bones:https://orcd.co/the_meteors_skull_n_bones

Skull N Bones is part 1 of a planned double album with part 2, entitled The Curse Of Blood N Bones, coming later this year!
Track List
1. Chasing Evil
2. A Night In The Tombs
3. Skull N Bones
4. Get Back In The Swamp (And Jump)
5. Changeling
6. Dateless Nights

1. Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
2. We Will Rise
3. The Night Comes With Me
4. Zombie Noise
5. More Demons Than Most
6. Twisted


THE FILAMENTS have released a new track called “Rip-Off World” from their new LP “Look To The Skies,” out June 15th. You can listen to the new song HERE.
The band previously released the title track, “Look To The Skies,” which can be listened to HERE.
Since The Filaments reformed in 2009, they’ve taken their long-established track record of amazing songwriting and energetic stage performances to new heights, and have been steadily attracting swaths of new fans across England, Europe and the world. With multiple full-lengths and countless tours under their belts, these veterans are still full of drive, and roaring to deliver this amazing new album to the world.
This music, like the band, is really one-of-a-kind. Almost like UK ’82 style punk battered by a barrage of dub, 2-tone ska, psychobilly and even a bit of traditional Oi!/streetpunk. It creates an overall sound that is like nothing else; it has something for everyone, and a general appeal that gets people from all segments of the punk community dancing and singing along.
The Filaments are now absolute staples in the punk world, especially at the essential European festivals like Rebellion and Punk ‘n’ Disorderly; but they have also graced the stage at larger outdoor getups like Glastonbury (UK), and others. They are as punk as it gets, but because their music is so unique and SO FUN, and their positive message is so clear, they are by no means ‘too punk’ to scare off the masses. In fact, their very clear message rings even louder, and they stand out even more amidst a backdrop of so much banality.
1. Fuck The “Alt”-Right
2. Look to the Skies
3. Rip-Off World
4. No Men to Parade
5. Living in the Crosshairs
6. Underdogs
7. Tread Carefully
8. Ask No Favors
9. All We’ve Ever Known
10. The Verge
11. Killing Machine
06/08/2018 – Dijon, France – Maloka Fest
06/09/2018 – Opwijk, Belgium – Loco Fest
06/16/2018 – London, UK – Underworld Camden (Record release show)
08/04/2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Rebellion Festival
08/09/2018 – Bristol, UK – Boomtown Festival
09/14/2018 – Derby, UK – Hairy Dog
10/06/2018 – Rennes, France – The Bobbleshop Rennes
Find THE FILAMENTS online:

Buzzkillz – Scum Of The Earth

Debut album from Helsinki Finland act, Buzzkills. 12 tracks of punk/punkbilly from up near the top of the word.

As always, it thrills me to get to hear bands from all around the world. Buzzkills is no exception. Here I am in sunny SoCal and listening to a band from damn near the other side of the world. I’ve never been to Finland, but here I am participating in a little bit of their culture, by way of an offering into our common culture of music.

Buzzkillz deliver a solid blend of rock, punk, and rockabilly. They’re an interesting ensemble in that they are a four-piece rock and roll band with the tradition lineup of vocals, guitar, bass, drums. Where the band differs is in their use of double bass as opposed to electric. The overall effect reminds me a bit of The Peacocks, but, well, different.

Tracks mid to uptempo, with a blend of Western rock / cowpunk, reminisicient in a way of Social Distortion, or perhaps more Mike Ness solo. The tracks are sung in English, so as to be more accessible to a larger audience.

The band indicates that they will have new material coming out at the end of the year, so go check out their debut and get in on the ground floor. Tell all your friends that you heard ‘em before they were cool!


1. Sick Of It All 02:41
2. Deepest Pockets 03:33
3. I’m Not The One 04:08
4. Scum Of The Earth 03:20
5. Losing The Fight 03:04
6. Outside 03:46
7. Fear Of The Unknown 03:31
8. Roll The Dice 04:34
9. Monsters 02:55
10. Some Scars 03:09
11. Sleepwalking 03:18
12. Cross To Bare 03:58

The Koffin Kats – Born of the Motor


© 2013 Sailor’s Grave Records
Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

digipak4p-tubeI’m currently rocking out to some high quality Detroit built psychobilly. Motown rockers The Koffin Kats have a brand new album out and a damn fine one at that. Born of the Motor is both haunting and rocking, serious and intense.

The new release powers through 12 tracks of swagger. It is both fresh and familiar at the same time. It makes me think of what the world might be like if Elvis sang for The Smiths. The bass thumps. The drums rattle your brain. The guitar both soars and cuts. The vocals are haunting, in a good way.

If you are a fan of psychobilly, rockabilly, punk, rock and roll, there’s likely to be something on Born of the Motor to draw you in. Personal favorites include Track 3. Giving Blood. Track 4. Born of the Motor, and Track 8. Twist Apart.

Bottom line is some kick ass psychobilly, brand new for you.

–Jerry Actually

Cold Blue Rebels – Zombie Love



10/19 – Coaster’s Bar & Grill (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
10/20 – Durty Nelly’s – (Gainesville, FL)
10/21 – Unofficial Rev. Hort Heat After Party – Goon’s Alley (St. Petersburg, FL)
10/22 – The Monterey Club – (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
10/23 – TBA (Orlando, FL)
10/24 – TBA
10/25 – The Mill – (North Charleston, SC)
10/26 – Black Cat Lounge – (Fayetteville, NC)
10/27 – 37th & Zen – (Norfolk, VA)
10/28 – J.B. McGuinnes Pub and Grille – (Newcastle, DE)
10/29 – Kustom Kreepfest – Europa (Brooklyn, NY)
10/30 – Roxy and Dukes – (Dunellen, NJ)
10/31 – TBA
11/1 – TBA
11/2 – 3rd and Walnut Bar (Lansdale, PA)
11/3 – Boondocks Club (York Haven, PA)
11/4 – The Shrunken Head (Columbus, OH)
11/5 – Annabelle’s Bar & Lounge (Akron, OH)
11/6 – The Underground Lounge (Chicago, IL)
11/7 – TBA
11/8 – The Bomb Shelter (Milwaukee, WI)
11/9 – Southgate House (Newport, KY)
11/10 – 3rd St. Dive – (Louisville, KY)
11/11 – Lindbergs – (Springfield, MO)
11/12 – Blackthorn Pub (Joplin, MO)
11/13 – Rogue Pizza Company (Fayetteville, AR)
11/14 – Downtown Lounge (Tulsa, OK)
11/15 – TBA
11/16 – TBA (Amarillo, TX)
11/17 – The Gasworks (Albuquerque, NM)
11/18 – Cinnabar Nightclub – (Flagstaff, AZ)
11/19 – Webers – (Reseda, CA) w/ Koffin Kats & The Rocketz

Upcoming So Cal Dates:

12/2 – Webers – (Reseda, CA)
12/3 – Happy’s / Dee’s B’Day Party (Chino Hills, CA)

Cold Blue Rebels – Blood, Guts, N’ Rock & Roll

© 2011 Horror High
Rating: ★★★★☆


Imagine yourself walking through an apocalyptic 1950s Hollywood. An ominous wind howls down empty streets. A bone white moon hangs in the sky. The unsettling calm is replaced with the the sound of engines revving and tires squealing. The moon turns to blood. The scraping of shuffled feet draws near. In seconds you’re surround by pompadour-bedecked greasers and buxom undead vamps with low cut tops and the worst intentions. The upright bass begins to thump out a rhythm. Guitars wail. You don’t seem to mind that your brains are now becoming a meal.

For the undead rockabilly / psychobilly set amongst you, get yourself prepared to rock with the Cold Blue Rebels. Blood, Guts, N’ Rock & Roll is the brand new release from straight from Hollywood’s freshest dug graves.

Musically, the Cold Blue Rebels (CBR) run the psychobilly spectrum from the Stray Cats sounding, “Cold Blue & Beautiful” to a more straight up punk sounds of “Brain Food” and the Mad Sin-esque tones of “Drenched In Black”. Frankly it is nice to hear this amount of variety in what can often be a rather one-trick-pony sub genre.

Blood, Guts, N’ Rock & Roll does have, for better or worse, the trappings of the genre: zombies, zombie hookers, death, blood, gore, presented in a 50s horror film style. For what it’s worth though, a good part of the charm of psychobilly is the revision of the rockabilly culture with the horror kitsch spin; fast cars, fast guitars, switch blades, and the undead. … you know, right?

Pound for pound a damn fine effort for a bunch of undead.

For fans of: Stray Cats, Mad Sin, Elvis Hitler, Gene Vincent’s Ghost

1. Procession Of The Crypt Keeper
2. Cold, Blue And Beautiful
3. Hell Block 13
4. Worm Hole Hooker
5. Pumpkin King
6. Big Boss Man
7. Lil’ Grave Robber
8.Sock Hop Strangler
9. Brain Food
10. Zombie Love
11. Drenched In Black
12. Riot In Cell Block #9

Mickey Finn and the gals

Mad Sin – Burn and Rise

(c) 2010 People Like You Records

Rating: ★★★★½


Legendary Psychobilly band-deluxe, Mad Sin, is back with a brand new release.  Burn and , released on 04/23/2010, marks the eleventh release from these German born psychos.  It has been twenty three some odd years since Mad Sin was born out of youthful ideals and punk rock attitude.

Twenty three years appears to be the magic number for breathing new life. While 2005’s Dead Moon’s Calling was no slouch of a release, it lacks that vitality that is apparent on Burn and Rise. It appears that unlike a lot of bands who somehow keep trucking over the years, spewing out increasing blandness and living off their past, Mad Sin keeps getting better and stronger. I think that it is fair to say that Burn and Rise is my favorite release yet.

From what I understand, 2009 was a rough year for Mad Sin, including the death of friends, infighting amongst the band and a brush with death for Koefte Deville. Life in general and a hard living rock-n-roll lifestyle were taking their toll. Yet after all the hardship, the band persevered. They rallied and came back to record a power-house of a release; a true testament to the idea that what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.

The nineteen tracks in total (with intros and outros and all that rot) don’t fail to impress with speed, intensity, demon fueled guitar riffs, characteristic vocal inflections and a very full solid sound. Despite the darkness and gloom that is so closely associated with the genre, Burn and Rise is spewing forth with brand new life.

The last word is this, Mad Sin is an integral part of the core of Psychobilly today and Burn and Rise is a juicy bit of blood red icing on a coffin shaped cake.

–Jerry Actually