Revolution Mother [Glory Bound]

Revolution Mother – Glory Bound (c) 2007 Cement Shoes Records Is it metal? Is it hardcore? Is it punk? I guess I don’t know. I’m gonna go ahead and call it rock. Revolution Mother is a hard hitting outfit fronted by skate star Mike Vallely. Their brand new disc, Glory Bound comes on strong with the first two tracks, but seems to suffer from musical premature ejaculation. While it opens strong and fast, by track four, “Bullet”, it begins to plod and chug. The rest of the disc may as well be a tribute to Planet Caravan as far as I’m concerned. If Revolution Mother could have maintained the pace, I would have shown it a bit more love, but tracks like the five minute “Burning from Inside” really just made me want to take a nap. It picks up again later in the disc, but to be honest, I’ve moved on. Just one more thing, holy crap! What is with the freakin’ beards? Scary!–Jerry Actually

Drowning Pool [Full Circle]

Drowning Pool – Full Circle (c) 2007 Eleven Seven Music Drowning Pool’s new release Full Circle is an amazing celebratory release for the legions of rock festival attendees and mullet-sportin’ heshians around the globe. I have to imagine that an insane amount of meth deals have gone down while Drowning Pool served as a backdrop. Despite the pinnings of being a Hard Rock band from the American South nowadays, these boys have their hearts in the right place. After suffering the tragic loss of their lead singer, the band persevered. After parting ways with their next vocalist, again they kept it on track. Now with a new release and back on top of their game, they are lobbying congress for better treatment of injured US soldiers. I don’t care what your standpoint is on war, the people that have been wounded, both physically and mentally, ought to be given proper medical treatment. So hooray for Drowning Pool to have the wherewithal to stick up for people that legitimately need help. As for the CD, well it ain’t my cup o’ tea. I kinda grew out of my metal phase years ago. Let me put it this way, if you totally can’t wait to go to Ozzfest, then you should totally check out Full Circle by Drowning Pool–Jerry Actually

My New Vice

My New Vice – S/T EP (c) 2007 My New Vice: 1. A brand new band on the NorthWest scene. 2. A brand new EP from the aforementioned band. The new self-titled EP from Portland based My New Vice offers five solid tracks of darkly melodic post-grunge heavy rock. There is a punk edge here, but the song writing and arrangements come across as a bit more mature. Tracks three, “The Dead Never Lie” and four, “Mr Tremens” stand out particularly in their diversion from the usual pablum. Both offer fairly different sounds with the former being bouncing yet brooding and the later having more sonic diversity with a soft jangly intro the quickly melds into what is easily the heaviest (though not the fastest) track on the EP. The final track, “Hell America” brings it home by kicking the tempo up and showing off the some of the more punk rock roots. All in all, My New Vice pulls together some heavy rock while portraying a possibly dystopian future. If you live in Portland, by all means pick up a copy and check ’em out at a show.–Jerry Actually

Bang Camaro

Bang Camaro – S/T (c) 2007 Black Sword Records Wow! I don’t know if I should run screaming, far and fast or bust out my torn tight jeans and my long luxurious mullet and rock the hell out. Bang Camaro certainly kicks it old school hair metal. They have an immense rock sound. In fact they have the sound that Night Ranger, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue all jammed up together on the same stage might have. Ok, and here’s the crazy part. Bang Camaro has a 20 man ensemble Chorus for monster power rock/ballad/metal use on … the choruses. I suspect it is very difficult to get them to play in a small club. Then again I guess with a big big sound like this, Bang Camaro ought to be heading to a summer festival arena show near you. If you like your rock as big as your girlfriend’s bangs and riffs as tight as Mike Reno’s leather pants, you will love this. I have to enjoy it in spite of myself. It’s a great amalgamation of the music I loved almost two decades ago.–Jerry Actually

Saliva [Blood Stained Love Story]

Saliva – Blood Stained Love Story (c) 2007 Island/Def Jam Let me sum this up in the beginning, Saliva: Not the worst band you’ll hear on the radio. That being said, you will hear this all over the radio. If that is your bag, well, run with it. From the band that brought you the video game super hit “Click Click Boom” Saliva is back with a brand new release, “Blood Stained Love Story”. Fusing hip hop lyrical flow and mello metal riffs and song structure that reminds me oddly of King’s X, “Blood Stained Love Story” really isn’t such a bad release for something so palatable and public ready. While it doesn’t shine on being terribly aggressive, it also isn’t in your face with screamin’ jackass vocals. For that alone I give it some merit. Beyond that it is a largely mellow release filled with non-threatening easy listening NuMetal.–Jerry Actually

Blinded Black [Under the Sunrise]

Blinded Black – Under the Sunrise (c) 2007 SideCho Records”Sir?”, “Yes minion. What is it this time?”, “Sir, there seems to be a problem with the Bandtronic.”, “The Band what?”, “The Bandtronic, Sir.”, “The Band Tronic? Didn’t I fire them in the 80’s?”, “No Sir, the Bandtronic 7431XR Talent Emulation Variable Audio Copier.”, “You know, that very expensive piece of equipment that we have that takes ideas from a bunch of current bands and then makes any band in the world seem palatable and sincere to the 14 – 25 year old New Rock demographic.”, “Well then, out with it boy. What is the problem?”, “Well Sir, it … it seems to be making every band sound exactly the same.” Welcome to “Under the Sunrise by Blinded Black. Out now on SideCho Records. It’s sudo aggressive. It’s melodic sometimes. It’s totally emotional. It makes me sick. I guess people tend to emulate what they like. It is too bad that Blinded Black seem to emulate so many of the sounds I hate. If you like to listen to New Rock Radio, then, by all mean, go get yourself a copy of Under the Sunrise and listen to it six times and pretend that it is your six bestest favoritist new bands.–Jerry Actually

Ill Nino [Under Cover Sessions]

Ill Nino The Under Cover Sessions (c) 2006 Cement Shoes RecordsPrior to the release of their next LP, Ill Nino (or their label) attempts to cash in with a brief 5 song e.p. It contains 2 original studio tracks that suck and 3 covers. The Peter Gabriel cover and the Nirvana cover are good everything else is pretty lame. They have a Sepulturaesque tribal drum thing going and that is cool. Here is the deal though, growling vocals suck a goat. Get over your self and learn to sing. It you can’t do that, at least learn to annunciate. Get it? Got it? Good! They sent me a sticker though and I appreciate that. Yet still Two thumbs up, 8 thumbs down.With all our love,Team !upstarter

The Generators

The Generators – The Winter Of Discontent (c) 2006 Sailor's Grave RecordsSo I receive this CD with a band named the Generators and I think sweet that is a great name. I put the CD in and give it a listen. The first thing that comes to mind is that these guys sound familiar and I am right they do. They sound like everyone else that came before them and I understand that this is not their first CD but all this music doesn't sound very original. I am sure they are great at what they do but it is just not for me. If you like music that everyone else has done you should go out and buy it. Although if you like you music a little more original then look elsewhere.


Godhead – The Shadow Line (c) 2006 Cement Shoes RecordsMusic today is becoming so bad that I expect the return of butt rock hair bands in droves any day.  Godhead has much of the charm of an Alice in Chains or a Candlebox.  The songs are mostly three and a half minute radio rock marvels.  Apparently the band is looking to "get to that next level" whatever that is.  If you ask me this is built to sell.  Because of the excellent financial backing, however, Godhead's new CD The Shadow Line does include a bonus DVD. They also sent me a cool looking sticker and I must give them props for that. I do love the schwag!-Jerry Actually 

Angel City Outcasts

Angel City Outcasts – Deadrose Junction (c) 2006 Sailor's Grave RecordsThough they may tout the word outcast, these L.A. Boys massively recall the extremely embraced early 80's SoCal rock sound, albeit blended with more punk attitude. The Angel City Outcasts new release "Deadrose Junction" begs to be compared to early Crue and G'N'R. It is definitely straight ahead rock, but thankfully it lacks the posturing and pretense of the 80's hair-metal glam scene. "Deadrose Junction" also raises the rock bar with some of their more aggressive punk riffs. Comparisons and critiques aside, I still can't help but think that I could really get into blasting this on a beat up jam box while riding around drunk in the back of a pickup anywhere in the Midwest. 3 cheers for Rock and Roll!