Revolution Mother [Glory Bound]

Revolution Mother – Glory Bound (c) 2007 Cement Shoes Records Is it metal? Is it hardcore? Is it punk? I guess I don’t know. I’m gonna go ahead and call it rock. Revolution Mother is a hard hitting outfit fronted by skate star Mike Vallely. Their brand new disc, Glory Bound comes on strong with the first two tracks, but seems to suffer from musical premature ejaculation. While it opens strong and fast, by track four, “Bullet”, it begins to plod and chug. The rest of the disc may as well be a tribute to Planet Caravan as far as I’m concerned. If Revolution Mother could have maintained the pace, I would have shown it a bit more love, but tracks like the five minute “Burning from Inside” really just made me want to take a nap. It picks up again later in the disc, but to be honest, I’ve moved on. Just one more thing, holy crap! What is with the freakin’ beards? Scary!–Jerry Actually

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