Primasonic [Denver]

Primasonic – Denver (c) 2008Primasonic, Denver based Punk (and/or) Rock outfit shakes it like a rock band, not unlike The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines (monosyllabic names ad infinitum) They, however, have some things going on for them that the aforementioned bands do not. Namely, they have four syllables in their band name, and if you don’t count the word “the” (and I dont) that makes them at least four times as good as any of those other bands I mentioned. Seriously though, Primasonic has their roots firmly planted in Rock n’ Roll but with plenty of Punk attitude. Similar to the resurgent sounds of The Humpers or US Bombs. Their new release due out sometime this year packs 13 tracks of spit and vitriol as well as one “radio edit” (we will scratch that one from the record) Hijinks and facetiousness aside Primasonic has got the rock and they bring the chops. Good new music with and old music vibe comein’ at ya straight outta Denver, CO. Plus to prove their mystical combining of the elements, you get the requisite covers of Paint it Black and Something to Do … Bonus!–Jerry Actually

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