The Smears – Freak Show



I don’t generally review singles, but ok, here’s a go at it. Freak Show by The Smears. This all female punk / rock and roll trio hearkens back to the RIOTGRRL sounds of the 90’s ala L7, 7 Year Bitch and Bratmobile. The difference being that The Smears are from Nottingham (you know, like the sheriff)

The music is solid three chord punk; rhythmically choppy, a bit staccato, if you will. The vocals are of the speak-as-sing variety and production-wise the feel is very garage / lo-fi. It certainly isn’t bad, but I’d really have to listen to more to make a more informed opinion.

–Jerry Actually

One thought on “The Smears – Freak Show”

  1. I think they are one of the best unsigned bands I have EVER heard. Love the music, love their shows. Found them by accident and very happy with myself that I did. Would give it 4 stars minimum!

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