Überband – Live In Poland



© 2009 Teknobabble Music

The end of the Cold War brought many things. For the West, a long hard battle was won. For the East, doors to unfamiliar lands and individual commerce were opened. Along with that came new freedoms. For instance, the freedom to rock! Flash forward a couple decades and the culmination of the good fight has finally been realized.

Live in Poland, from the planet’s, dare I say, most uber band, Überband. Is a frenetic electric rock monster of the highest order. I’m gonna drop a spoiler here, but, well… Originally released in 2009, and apparently taking several years to makes its way to the West, Überband’s new disc is neither live nor from Poland. This in no manner, stops the rock.

Nine tracks of inane madness are thrust forth with a level of attack that makes you think that Faith No More and Mr. Bungle have been condensed into a singularity. The vocals are hauntingly Pattonesque and the musical melange is both rock and roll, and carnival side show. Songs like, Fuck I’m Richard Marx and Heinz 57 and Cocaine are the slightest indications of the rock laced ironic humor that comprises this Überband.

All said, you get quality rock and roll with a serious Faith No More vibe. More humor based than the aforementioned is, but irony aside, a powerhouse of a disc. I recommend it to you, your mom, your mom’s friend Mary, your mailman, your buddy Steve.

Serve with ample liquor.

–Jerry Actually

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. Fuck! I’m Richard Marx
3. The Net
4. Yello Vulva
5. I Am an Attorney
6. Heinz 57 and Cocaine
7. Sperm
8. Ballad of the Intergalactic Hitman Underwear Fetishist
9. Tonight We’re Going to Drink Alcohol at a Party We Will Attend to Get Drunk [Explicit]