My New Vice

My New Vice – S/T EP (c) 2007 My New Vice: 1. A brand new band on the NorthWest scene. 2. A brand new EP from the aforementioned band. The new self-titled EP from Portland based My New Vice offers five solid tracks of darkly melodic post-grunge heavy rock. There is a punk edge here, but the song writing and arrangements come across as a bit more mature. Tracks three, “The Dead Never Lie” and four, “Mr Tremens” stand out particularly in their diversion from the usual pablum. Both offer fairly different sounds with the former being bouncing yet brooding and the later having more sonic diversity with a soft jangly intro the quickly melds into what is easily the heaviest (though not the fastest) track on the EP. The final track, “Hell America” brings it home by kicking the tempo up and showing off the some of the more punk rock roots. All in all, My New Vice pulls together some heavy rock while portraying a possibly dystopian future. If you live in Portland, by all means pick up a copy and check ’em out at a show.–Jerry Actually

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