Skannibal Party 6

Skannibal Party 6 – V/A (c) 2006 Mad Butcher RecordsWorld wide Ska!  Yeah baby, bring it!  This edition of the Skannibal Party collection is definitely worth listening to all the way through.  Despite any language barriers, good ska is good ska no matter how you sing it.  Get this CD. Pop it in. Fun will be had by all.  Sooner or later everyone will be skankin' around you living room or porch or dorm room or eurovan.  As an added bonus it goes well with beer and BBQ.  Seriously this comp is cool; it literally has ska from around the world.  Get yours today.Love Team !upstarter  

The Generators

The Generators – The Winter Of Discontent (c) 2006 Sailor's Grave RecordsSo I receive this CD with a band named the Generators and I think sweet that is a great name. I put the CD in and give it a listen. The first thing that comes to mind is that these guys sound familiar and I am right they do. They sound like everyone else that came before them and I understand that this is not their first CD but all this music doesn't sound very original. I am sure they are great at what they do but it is just not for me. If you like music that everyone else has done you should go out and buy it. Although if you like you music a little more original then look elsewhere.

No Respect

No Respect – Excuse My Smile (c) 2006 Mad Butcher RecordsWhat we have here is a gem of a re-release from the pioneering German Ska/Punk band No Respect.  Originally released almost a decade ago and re-pressed earlier this year, Excuse My Smile offers you 14 tracks of wicked good anti-nazi anti-fascist Ska/Punk.  This was pretty ground breaking stuff back in '97 and the message and the music have stood the test of time.  Though sometimes the sentiment seems a little less popular and a little worse for wear, the world still needs music with a positive message and the ability to rock and the same time.  Because of that need, No Respect is still going strong with new material and their own flavor of rock.  Keep up the grand work fellas.   

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade (c) 2006 Reprise RecordsWell, I guess I should be in fear for my life.  I have a copy of "The Black Parade", the new release from My Chemical Romance, and well, I like it.  Either I'm slippin' or someone actually let some good music out to the public.  "The Black Parade" strives to the level of classic rock epics from Pink Floyd or Queen but  with a crisp modern edge.  As well MCR shows a musical maturity and a knack for showmanship.  Beyond that they boldly stand out from their contemporaries, offering something well better than the heaps of mindless drivel that constantly assualt our senses. Rock on MCR I say. Rock on!–Jerry Actually 

Arpioni [Malacabeza]

Arpioni – Malacabeza (c) 2006 Mad Butcher RecordsFor nearly a decade and a half, Arpioni has been rockin' the Italian ska scene.  Malacabeza is their new release out now on Mad Butcher Records.  Though mostly bordering between traditional and 3rd wave ska, the disc offers 16 tracks in a wide variety of musical styles.  From the Northern Soul of the opening track Basta! right into a kind of swinging jazzy (a bit like Squirel Nut Zippers) number "Una Storia Disonesta".  There is even a polka-esqe track.  This is the first I've heard from Arpioni and I like what I hear.  Good fun ska and soul from Bergamo Italy.  Here's a link to their official site, check 'em out.  Arpioni  The site happens to be in Italian, but there is an English version for those of us what speaks that language.  World ska for the masses … making this world a better place. –Jerry Actually 


Sparta – Threes (c) 2006 Hollywood RecordsHummm………..Sparta "Threes", I almost want to say they sound familiar or in some respect similar to music I like and listen to, from I guess you would say the 80’s. Then again I have to say they definitely have their own sound and that makes them catchy as does their subtle depressing edgy lyrics and sound. I like it! And recommend if you like letting your mind wonder, you give Sparta a chance.

Bad Lieutenants

Bad Lieutenants – Every Time I Come Around (c) 2006 Teenage Heat RecordsWOW – I've heard a lot of bad things.  This is the worst crap that I've heard.  I'm a bit beside myself.  Try to find something worse, I dare you.  Part Tesco, part Danzig, All crap. Completely derivative. I realy tried to give it a chance. I almost want to listen to main stream after this.  I'm dissapointed.  Did you read my other reviews before you sent this? I dare you to come to town. ok the gauntlet has been thrown down. Rock, I dare you!–Jerry Actually 

Plain White T’s

Plain White T's – Every Second Counts (c) 2006 Hollywood RecordsNot rotten. Not awesome. Somewhere in between. Plain White T's "Every Second Counts" is super mega pop, like a Sum41 or a Blink, or many of their labelmates. Normally I'd just write that off as totally crap, but I do afford myself some guilty pleasures. Despite the songs dripping with radio friendly ooze, some of them are pretty damn catchy.  The best thing however, is that Plain White T's managed to get the shitty Aerosmith song that has been stuck in my head all morning to go away.


Godhead – The Shadow Line (c) 2006 Cement Shoes RecordsMusic today is becoming so bad that I expect the return of butt rock hair bands in droves any day.  Godhead has much of the charm of an Alice in Chains or a Candlebox.  The songs are mostly three and a half minute radio rock marvels.  Apparently the band is looking to "get to that next level" whatever that is.  If you ask me this is built to sell.  Because of the excellent financial backing, however, Godhead's new CD The Shadow Line does include a bonus DVD. They also sent me a cool looking sticker and I must give them props for that. I do love the schwag!-Jerry Actually 

Roger Miret & The Disasters

Roger Miret & The Disasters – My Riot (c) 2006 Sailor's Grave Records The saga of hardcore rock and roll continues with the new release by the venerable Roger Miret & The Disasters. My Riot catalogs more of the history and emotion of growing up in, and through the help of rock and roll, living through the NYHC scene. There is more of course, but that is the predominant overtone. The music is straight up rock and roll with the attitude that you've come to expect from the Disasters. Chunky guitars, minimalist riffs, subdued drums and bass. The intro track "Warning! Warning!" starts out strikingly Ramones-esque guitar riff. To that end Track 5 is entitled nothing less than "Ramones". The remainder of the tracks hold with a very early punk sound with a reasonable dose of Clash style reggae as well. If you've liked or thought you might like any of the previous Disaster's releases, MyRiot won't dissapoint you. Not so much new as a story continued. It suits me fine. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.-Jerry Actually