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What’s all this then? Mall’d To Death? Can’t Make A Living? Yes, that is exactly what it is. “Right”, you say, “What should I make of that?”. I’ll tell you what. Mall’d To Death is a Twin Cities power trio that brings to the table what I can only think of as Popcore. (That’d be what you get if you took the pop portion of pop-punk and the hardcore portion of, well, hardcore)

“Can’t Make A Living” is the band’s new release, out now on GC Records and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the best thing I’ve heard in the last few months. I might go so far as to say it’s my favorite of 2010. (I might. I might not. You’ll probably never know)

The lowdown though is that it has everything that I like: The songs are brief. They often clock in at less than a minute. The lyrics are clever, missives against consumerism and the defense industry as well as tributes to J. Church and driving like a maniac. How can that be bad? On top of the academic breakdown of song construction aspects, the progressions are hardcore tough but laced with nice ska-esque breaks and fancy melodic guitar lines.

All in all Mall’d To Death have a lot to offer. I find that they bring a refreshing element to the current spate of punk rock. (probably because they are 33.3% hardcore). Here’s a finalbreakdown: Quick paced, intelligent, articulate and not a carbon copy of the shopping mall society that we’ve all seem to become a bit more homogenized by. Bias aside (It is my current favorite release du jour), go buy this.

–Jerry Actually


Track Listing

1 Armani Needle Exchange
2 Blood for Gas Money
3 Mall’d to Death
4 Bomb the Defense Industry!
5 Live in a Dumpster Dive
6 Skateboards for Afghanistan
7 Hedge Fun
8 The Hymns of J Church
9 Mohawk Nation
10 Young Man on a Downloading Spree

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