Rebel Spies – RISE!

I had this album collecting a little bit of dust on my desk and I feel a bit remiss about not having reviewed it sooner. The album actually came out late 2017. I’m sorry I didn’t get to it sooner, because I think these guys need a shoutout. At any rate, I’m here now, and here it is.

RISE! Is the debut full length from Rebel Spies, a Detroit area hardcore punk band featuring past and present members of the Suicide Machines, Telegraph, Hellmouth, HiFi Handgrenades, fordirelifesake and many more. Pedigree aside, the album rocks through 11 tracks of punk rock, with solid riffs, compelling intelligible vocals, and whole lot of guts and heart.

I’m going to offer you a bit of an odd comparison as to what I’m making of the sound, so bear with me here. Rebel Spies sounds a bit like if Rob Hellford’s slightly more gravely throated brother was singing lead vocals for a bit more punk/metal version of The Lawrence Arms. … Maybe I’m off my rocker here, or maybe it’s that I’m a bit hungover, but that’s the vibe I’m picking up.

While the band bills itself as a hardcore punk band, the riffery doesn’t stick strictly in the punk/hardcore vein. Track four, A Domain of Evil (Chapter One) delves into some ska territory, but track five, A Certain Point of View brings it back solidly with an aggressive old school sound. Track six, See You In Hell takes it you into a more straight up Rock and Roll direction.

It’s punk rock. It’s hardcore. It’s rock and roll. It’s got a lotta fucking balls. Get some!


Jerry Actually


The Koffin Kats – Born of the Motor


© 2013 Sailor’s Grave Records
Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

digipak4p-tubeI’m currently rocking out to some high quality Detroit built psychobilly. Motown rockers The Koffin Kats have a brand new album out and a damn fine one at that. Born of the Motor is both haunting and rocking, serious and intense.

The new release powers through 12 tracks of swagger. It is both fresh and familiar at the same time. It makes me think of what the world might be like if Elvis sang for The Smiths. The bass thumps. The drums rattle your brain. The guitar both soars and cuts. The vocals are haunting, in a good way.

If you are a fan of psychobilly, rockabilly, punk, rock and roll, there’s likely to be something on Born of the Motor to draw you in. Personal favorites include Track 3. Giving Blood. Track 4. Born of the Motor, and Track 8. Twist Apart.

Bottom line is some kick ass psychobilly, brand new for you.

–Jerry Actually