Mad Sin – Burn and Rise

(c) 2010 People Like You Records



Legendary Psychobilly band-deluxe, Mad Sin, is back with a brand new release.  Burn and , released on 04/23/2010, marks the eleventh release from these German born psychos.  It has been twenty three some odd years since Mad Sin was born out of youthful ideals and punk rock attitude.

Twenty three years appears to be the magic number for breathing new life. While 2005’s Dead Moon’s Calling was no slouch of a release, it lacks that vitality that is apparent on Burn and Rise. It appears that unlike a lot of bands who somehow keep trucking over the years, spewing out increasing blandness and living off their past, Mad Sin keeps getting better and stronger. I think that it is fair to say that Burn and Rise is my favorite release yet.

From what I understand, 2009 was a rough year for Mad Sin, including the death of friends, infighting amongst the band and a brush with death for Koefte Deville. Life in general and a hard living rock-n-roll lifestyle were taking their toll. Yet after all the hardship, the band persevered. They rallied and came back to record a power-house of a release; a true testament to the idea that what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.

The nineteen tracks in total (with intros and outros and all that rot) don’t fail to impress with speed, intensity, demon fueled guitar riffs, characteristic vocal inflections and a very full solid sound. Despite the darkness and gloom that is so closely associated with the genre, Burn and Rise is spewing forth with brand new life.

The last word is this, Mad Sin is an integral part of the core of Psychobilly today and Burn and Rise is a juicy bit of blood red icing on a coffin shaped cake.

–Jerry Actually

Loudog – Kito

(c) 2009

loudog_kitoLoudog hails from Braunschweig, Germany. Formerly known by the less appealing moniker “cumshot”, the band changed names in honor of their appreciation of Sublime and late (Sublime) singer Bradley’s dog. Kito delivers 11 tracks of upbeat roots ska with a bit of punk edge blended in. If I had to draw some comparison I would say that Loudog sounds a lot like a more ska oriented Millencolin. I’d also say they remind me of another band and I’m not sure who it is. I’m gonna go out on a memory loss limb and say that they sound like Umbrella Bed. Prove me wrong. If they do or don’t sound like someone else, what the do sound like is enjoyable. As usual it is refreshing to hear sounds from outside of my continent. Of note, Kito is released under the Creative Commons license. So maybe some enterprising young sound systems can mash some of these tracks into a wicked dub mix, no? It’s your call, but I like it. That said, I would have scored it a higher than a 3/5, but I think some of the tracks could have had a bit more pep.

-Jerry Actually