The Welch Boys – Drinkin’ Angry

(c) 2008 I Scream Records
Rating: ★★★½☆

welch_boys_drinkin_angryThe Welch Boys had a new album a few months ago. I’m just now getting around to reviewing it. I’m sure glad I don’t have somebody breathing down make neck about deadlines. Drinkin’ Angry is 18 tracks of blue collar anthems and street punk grit. Like their Boston brothers the Dropkick Murphys, The Welch Boys bring it to ya wit the credible sounds of hard livin’ and songs that are about real life and a whole lot about drinkin’. Raw rockin’ punk with a sing-a-long quality that is hard to resist.

–Jerry Actually


Skarhead and I Scream Records ink worldwide deal

We are very excited to announce the signing of Skarhead for the release of their long awaited new record “Drugs, Music and Sex”.

Skarhead was founded in 1995 by Lord Ezec and released the EP “Drugs, Money, Sex” that same year.
In 1999 their follow up album, “Kings At Crime” took the worldwide hardcore scene by storm and instantaneously became one of the all time classic hardcore records.

Today 10 years after the release of “Kings At Crime” Lord Ezec is back as frontman of the worlds most infamous hardcore bands.
“Drugs, Music and Sex” is recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front) and produced by Lord Ezec. The album features guest appearances by some of hardcore’s greatest such as Freddy Cricien, CIV, Jorge Rosado, Jamey Jasta, Armand & Craig from Sick Of It All, Vinnie Stigma and more.

The album is currently being mixed and set for release late Summer 2009. Continue reading Skarhead and I Scream Records ink worldwide deal

Hoods Sign to ISR

Hoods sign worldwide deal with I Scream Records

I Scream Records is very proud to welcome Hoods to the family.
Hoods founded in Sacramento, CA, in 1995 by Mike Hoods have grown into a Hardcore institution. Their music is a call to arms for all of those who have grown tired watching Hardcore be exploited and bastardized. Mike Hood has used his years of experience to craft one of the most brutal and honest West Coast Hardcore bands ever.
Hoods have released several albums on a number of independents and now the long-awaited new album “Pit Beast” is set for release in May 2009.

“14 years and we’re still here. Still playing Hardcore, still having fun and bringing the mosh. I had no idea when I started Hoods if we would even last a year. With so many ups and many more downs we definitely made our mark. Not only for West Coast Hardcore but all over the world. I live, eat and breathe this music”. Mike Hood

Laurens says: “We are excited to join forces with Hoods in the year I Scream Records is celebrating its 15th anniversary. They’re one of the hardest working bands out there and a great addition to our roster”

Hoods are on tour in North America in April 2009 and will invade Europe in May 2009. Make sure to check ’em out at a venue near you.

S.O.D. – Bigger Than The Devil

(c) 1999 Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: ★★★★½

An album 13 long fuckin’ years in the making has finally arrived, and it is, as the title claims, Bigger Than The Devil. S.O.D. is back for their first studio album in 13 years and with the full original line up to boot. I went and got this disk the day it came out, sorry it’s taken so long for the review, but the damn thing was on loan to all my friends. I popped this CD into the player as soon as I got home and it started flying out of my speakers in a full frontal assault. This my friends is what aggro hardcore is all about. I’m not going to waste my time blathering on about the might of S.O.D. or the way Billy Milano stopped a show about ten years ago so I could find my glasses in the pit. All I’m gonna say is that this album kicks your ass, go get the fucking thing or I’m sure that Sgt.. D will hunt you down and kill your lame ass!

–Jerry Actually


Body Bag – Skadillac

(c)1999 Hannibal’s Records
Rating: ★★★★★

Fucking Brutal! Body Bag is one of the freshest bands I’ve heard in a while. Hailing from Geneva Switzerland, this energy bomb of Hardcore and Ska throw down 6 great tunes on the “Skadillac” EP. A friend of mine said that on a scale of 1 to 10 he’d give a 666, I’d have to concur. Hurry up and buy this disk and impress all of your friends, be the first one on your block. If you can’t find this CD in your area you can order it from the label at Listen to Body Bag before the Skadillac rolls over your skull!

–Jerry Actually


Agnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart

(c) 1999 Epitaph Records
Rating: ★★★★☆

A long time ago in a galaxy on the east coast of the US in a city called New York, came the Bastard Child of Punk Rock. Hardcore Punk! Music from the streets with an attitude for change and a strong sense of unity. At the forefront of this movement was a band call Agnostic Front. It’s 1999 now almost two decades from their humble beginnings and Agnostic Front is back with a brand new offering. “Riot Riot Upstart” is their second offering on Epitaph, the follow up to ’97s “Something’s Gotta Give”. Sporting the original “Victim in Pain” Line up Featuring: Roger Miret – Vocals, Vinnie Stigma – Guitar, Rob Kabula – Bass, and Jimmy Collette – Drums. “Riot Riot Upstart” is some kick ass Hardcore! I must admit that I found this album deceptive. I was expecting a fully brutal blast of noise and anger like I got on the new S.O.D. record. Instead I found something a little more tame on the surface but seething with anger and injustice charged lyrics and familiar yet fresh grinding fast beats. As I expected there are a few guest appearances from the likes of Manager Billy Milano, Toby and Rusty from H2O, and Kerry Martinez from US Bombs. This Disc give up 17 tracks of quality hardcore from the masters. The only thing I regret to say about it is the “Lars Freidrickson Sound” Sure it was produced by Lars (you can’t help but notice if you even turn the CD over slightly) but come on leave the Rancid tricks at home this is Agnostic Front show a little respect. Bottom Line – These guys invented Hardcore. Get this CD. Piss of your parents!!

–Jerry Actually


Northside Kings – Suburban Royalty

(c) 2008 I Scream Records
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Hells F-ing Yeah! Hardcore isn’t dead. Have you heard of a little band by the name of North Side Kings? Yeah, they pretty much kick complete ass, huh? Well guess what there Smacky, they’s got a brand new release out called Suburban Royalty. Not a bad level of correlation for a band with king in their name and hailing from Scottsdale, AZ ya think? Well here’s the cake, the new disc from North Side Kings is gut stompin’ arms flailin’ bone crushin’ circle pit hardcore that brings it back way freakin’ legit. What does it sound like you may ask, or more to the point who? Well sometimes I get tired of drawing comparisions for the lot of ya. It sounds like bad ass hardcore and they sound just like North Side Kings. Not familiar? Go out and get this new disc at all costs then (well don’t pay more than the going rate. I’m not advocating getting ripped off or anything) If you like your hardcore with the hard still intact and you want to get your hands on some good new shit with out going all the way to the East Coast, Suburban Royalty is your ticket to 15 blistering skull crushers including two well chosen covers. Enjoy!

–Jerry Actually

N.S.O.A. – For the Forgotten


Rating: ★★★★½

(c) 2007 NSOA

New Society of Anarchists are back with another edition in their continuing saga of gut-wrenching and brutal musical onslaught. “For the Forgotten” explodes with 20 tracks of some of the most true to form hardcore in the game. The songs are fast, pissed and in your face. For fans of NSOA, all the familiar sounds are there: crunching guitars, machine gun drums, reinforcing backup vocals. However, In comparison to recent past releases the sound on the new disc is noticeably more raw. I suspect that this is due in part to the absence of former? bass player Jason Z. Bass and vox are now being handled simultaneously by Zakk Z. The music is certainly intact, but you can hear where things have been re-arranged to accommodate the current line up. Above all the hardcore rings true: The outrage at social injustice, The strong sense of unity, The feeling that you just got your head smacked by a Mac truck with a combat boot for a hood ornament.

–Jerry Actually