Northside Kings – Suburban Royalty

(c) 2008 I Scream Records
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Hells F-ing Yeah! Hardcore isn’t dead. Have you heard of a little band by the name of North Side Kings? Yeah, they pretty much kick complete ass, huh? Well guess what there Smacky, they’s got a brand new release out called Suburban Royalty. Not a bad level of correlation for a band with king in their name and hailing from Scottsdale, AZ ya think? Well here’s the cake, the new disc from North Side Kings is gut stompin’ arms flailin’ bone crushin’ circle pit hardcore that brings it back way freakin’ legit. What does it sound like you may ask, or more to the point who? Well sometimes I get tired of drawing comparisions for the lot of ya. It sounds like bad ass hardcore and they sound just like North Side Kings. Not familiar? Go out and get this new disc at all costs then (well don’t pay more than the going rate. I’m not advocating getting ripped off or anything) If you like your hardcore with the hard still intact and you want to get your hands on some good new shit with out going all the way to the East Coast, Suburban Royalty is your ticket to 15 blistering skull crushers including two well chosen covers. Enjoy!

–Jerry Actually

N.S.O.A. – For the Forgotten

Rating: ★★★★½

(c) 2007 NSOA

New Society of Anarchists are back with another edition in their continuing saga of gut-wrenching and brutal musical onslaught. “For the Forgotten” explodes with 20 tracks of some of the most true to form hardcore in the game. The songs are fast, pissed and in your face. For fans of NSOA, all the familiar sounds are there: crunching guitars, machine gun drums, reinforcing backup vocals. However, In comparison to recent past releases the sound on the new disc is noticeably more raw. I suspect that this is due in part to the absence of former? bass player Jason Z. Bass and vox are now being handled simultaneously by Zakk Z. The music is certainly intact, but you can hear where things have been re-arranged to accommodate the current line up. Above all the hardcore rings true: The outrage at social injustice, The strong sense of unity, The feeling that you just got your head smacked by a Mac truck with a combat boot for a hood ornament.

–Jerry Actually