S.O.D. – Bigger Than The Devil

(c) 1999 Nuclear Blast Records

An album 13 long fuckin’ years in the making has finally arrived, and it is, as the title claims, Bigger Than The Devil. S.O.D. is back for their first studio album in 13 years and with the full original line up to boot. I went and got this disk the day it came out, sorry it’s taken so long for the review, but the damn thing was on loan to all my friends. I popped this CD into the player as soon as I got home and it started flying out of my speakers in a full frontal assault. This my friends is what aggro hardcore is all about. I’m not going to waste my time blathering on about the might of S.O.D. or the way Billy Milano stopped a show about ten years ago so I could find my glasses in the pit. All I’m gonna say is that this album kicks your ass, go get the fucking thing or I’m sure that Sgt.. D will hunt you down and kill your lame ass!

–Jerry Actually


2 thoughts on “S.O.D. – Bigger Than The Devil”

  1. Wait, are you saying this is a NEW album? I could have sworn this album has been out for like 15 years or something unless I am just confusing the song with the album.

    SOD is by far one of my favorite bands of all time and I don’t care how cheesy it is to say that. I’m also an avid fan of Anthrax so take that!

    Now I have to search out the interwebs and see if this is a new release, and if it is buy it post haste!

  2. No, no. I wish there was a new album. This is just one of the reviews from the archives. Billy Milano once stopped a show to save my glasses. Hell of a guy.

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