Agnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart

(c) 1999 Epitaph Records

A long time ago in a galaxy on the east coast of the US in a city called New York, came the Bastard Child of Punk Rock. Hardcore Punk! Music from the streets with an attitude for change and a strong sense of unity. At the forefront of this movement was a band call Agnostic Front. It’s 1999 now almost two decades from their humble beginnings and Agnostic Front is back with a brand new offering. “Riot Riot Upstart” is their second offering on Epitaph, the follow up to ’97s “Something’s Gotta Give”. Sporting the original “Victim in Pain” Line up Featuring: Roger Miret – Vocals, Vinnie Stigma – Guitar, Rob Kabula – Bass, and Jimmy Collette – Drums. “Riot Riot Upstart” is some kick ass Hardcore! I must admit that I found this album deceptive. I was expecting a fully brutal blast of noise and anger like I got on the new S.O.D. record. Instead I found something a little more tame on the surface but seething with anger and injustice charged lyrics and familiar yet fresh grinding fast beats. As I expected there are a few guest appearances from the likes of Manager Billy Milano, Toby and Rusty from H2O, and Kerry Martinez from US Bombs. This Disc give up 17 tracks of quality hardcore from the masters. The only thing I regret to say about it is the “Lars Freidrickson Sound” Sure it was produced by Lars (you can’t help but notice if you even turn the CD over slightly) but come on leave the Rancid tricks at home this is Agnostic Front show a little respect. Bottom Line – These guys invented Hardcore. Get this CD. Piss of your parents!!

–Jerry Actually


2 thoughts on “Agnostic Front – Riot Riot Upstart”

  1. I have never been a fan of Agnostic Front. Not because their music isn’t good but with the attitude they bring.

    The last time I saw them (and will see them) was in Minneapolis with US Bombs and dropkick murphys. US Boms rocked the house and were the main band I wanted to see. Then the moment Agnostic Front started all hell broke lose. Now I understand more then most people how pits can get pretty bad but the moment these guys started every skinhead, jock and asshole just started throwing punches. It was like it was totally planned which I don’t know maybe it was; or maybe that is what is expected at their shows.

  2. These guys are one of the first bands I saw when I was a kid. I’ve got a soft spot for them despite the fact that I still dig their music.

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