Skarhead – Drugs, Music & Sex


(c) 2009 I Scream Records
Rating: ★★★½☆

skarhead_300A. There isn’t enough good Hardcore anymore. B. East Coast Hardcore is the straight up goods. C. Skarhead freakin’ kills it. Skarhead returns with Drugs, Music & Sex, out now on I Sream Records. What’s in it for you? 13 tracks of crushing Hardcore and some insight on the well founded urban confluence of Hardcore Punk and Hardcore Rap. Perhaps I should explain that. In most situations you get Hardcore bands bridging the genre from Hardcore to Rap by being more “rap-like”. In the case of Skarhead the idea happens in reverse. Traditional hip-hop/rap devices (like scratching) are transmuted into hardcore. The effect works. Genre comparisons aside, Drugs, Music & Sex is a pretty damn decent disc. 13 tracks that shred your guts out, vocals that sound like Overkill on track 4, “Bomb the System”, a whole mess of tracks that are acronyms for titles and a shit ton of self-aggrandizing name drops. Like I mentioned before, it works.

–Jerry Actually

Skarhead and I Scream Records ink worldwide deal

We are very excited to announce the signing of Skarhead for the release of their long awaited new record “Drugs, Music and Sex”.

Skarhead was founded in 1995 by Lord Ezec and released the EP “Drugs, Money, Sex” that same year.
In 1999 their follow up album, “Kings At Crime” took the worldwide hardcore scene by storm and instantaneously became one of the all time classic hardcore records.

Today 10 years after the release of “Kings At Crime” Lord Ezec is back as frontman of the worlds most infamous hardcore bands.
“Drugs, Music and Sex” is recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front) and produced by Lord Ezec. The album features guest appearances by some of hardcore’s greatest such as Freddy Cricien, CIV, Jorge Rosado, Jamey Jasta, Armand & Craig from Sick Of It All, Vinnie Stigma and more.

The album is currently being mixed and set for release late Summer 2009. Continue reading Skarhead and I Scream Records ink worldwide deal