Deal’s Gone Bad – Overboard

(c) 1999 Jump Up Records
Rating: ★★★½☆

Ahoy Ahoy!, These guys are great! they make me happy when ever I listen. “Overboard” the newest offering by Chicago’s Deal’s Gone Bad is an exceptional piece of work. It’s got everything I require in a heavy personal rotation 3rd wave Ska CD. There’s bouncing beats, pumping keys, tasteful vocals and great horns and a touch ‘o comedy ala track 10 “Shiver Me Timber” With a reverence to the past and multi-pint toast to the future Deal’s gone bad puts forth a fresh offering into a recently sagging Ska scene. (notice the journalist like cheesy quotable quip…) never the less, I like this CD a lot and the more I listen to it the more I like it. Remember to go to your local shows too, If you don’t support the shit that you like it will go away.

–Jerry Actually


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Ska Is Dead

Portland 2009

It’s the Fourth Coming of the Ska Is Dead Tour (, and there are signs that the resurrection is keeping. Marking a return of the all-ska tour after a three-year hiatus, SID4 is bringing ass-shaking good times to an all-ages venue near you RIGHT NOW (see site for tour dates). Saturday’s 6 hour set from 5 great bands proved SID founder Dave Kirchgessner’s posit: Ska is anything but dead.

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