Deal’s Gone Bad – Overboard

(c) 1999 Jump Up Records

Ahoy Ahoy!, These guys are great! they make me happy when ever I listen. “Overboard” the newest offering by Chicago’s Deal’s Gone Bad is an exceptional piece of work. It’s got everything I require in a heavy personal rotation 3rd wave Ska CD. There’s bouncing beats, pumping keys, tasteful vocals and great horns and a touch ‘o comedy ala track 10 “Shiver Me Timber” With a reverence to the past and multi-pint toast to the future Deal’s gone bad puts forth a fresh offering into a recently sagging Ska scene. (notice the journalist like cheesy quotable quip…) never the less, I like this CD a lot and the more I listen to it the more I like it. Remember to go to your local shows too, If you don’t support the shit that you like it will go away.

–Jerry Actually


I thought it would be extra appropriate to re-release this particular review directly after the recent review of the Ska is Dead tour featuring Deal’s Gone Bad. Crazy that ten years have gone by. This disc is still great though.

–Jerry Actually

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