Awesome and the Asskickers – Shut Up!

(c) 2008 AAK Records
[rating: 4/5]

aak_shutupSo I got a package in the mail a couple weeks ago. I, of course, opened it. Normally the story might go ahead and end there, but nay. I decided that with a name like Awesome and the Asskickers I probably should go ahead and and throw up a word or two about this Floridian power trio. Um, without further adieu, here goes: Shut Up! is pretty damn sweet. The wrestling mask donning band mates, consisting of Jose Verga (Bass/Vox), Johnny Dingleberry (Drums/Vox) and Muchacho (Guitar/Vox) really know how to mix it up crazy like.
aak_groupImagine that Strongbad and his two pals decided to make an old school punk CD. 11 tracks that meander across the styles of punk gone by. The tracks are raw but they definitely have the spirit. It’s a damn fun disc to listen to. The songs are short and the tempo is quick. The comedy is fully intact. The luche libre masks are in full effect. I’ll suggest to ya one thing though, either these guys totally suck as musicians and are insanely good at faking like they aren’t or they are brilliant musicians and are insanely good at faking like they are not. Never the less, Shut Up! by Awesome and the Asskickers is easily the best CD I’m listening to right now. You just remember that the next time you have Meatball Spaghetti!

–Jerry Actually


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