The Psycho Nubs – Alley of the Ignots

(c)2007 The Psycho Nubs

psychonubs2 The Psycho Nubs are a great duo with an odd name.  This album is fun, energetic, creative and overall awesome.  Their style swings around from political-themed glam-tinged rock over to basement punk and around the corner to psychobilly.  Impressively, they show no hesitation and rock all 17 tracks with a pure, musical passion that’s often lost in mainstream bands.

At times reminiscent of 50’s do-wop ballads, the Psycho Nubs also channel the Descendants, the Groovie Ghoulies, and a touch of early Beastie Boys.  There are love songs to PBR, Mary Anne from Gilligan and Monica May, anti-establishment punk themes peppered with “woah-oh” choruses, and tales of alien invasion and the zombie apocolypse.  These guys are lyrically entertaining, musically talented, and right up my alley.

One thought on “The Psycho Nubs – Alley of the Ignots”

  1. I had a blast recording the Nubs and I think you’re spot on- they have real passion for what they do and they write TONS of songs that you probably won’t ever hear because they’re always hard at work with their music.

    Brandon is a freak and Nick is a punk rock crooner. Dig it?

    Go buy the damn album already!

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