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aak_cropsAll hope was lost. Children and goats cried out in the dark of night. Productivity was high, yet morale was low. Suddenly things were different. Somehow all hope was not lost. A new album appeared and it was Awesome … … … … … and the Asskickers!

Following up on their bold and dashing EP from 2008 comes a new full length release from Orlando’s most rocking luchadores, AAK, heretofore known as Awesome and the Asskickers.

Quit Fucking With Our Crops brings 11 songs, many of which are new, seemingly better, renditions of “classic” AAK tunes. Naturally when your band is this powerful, you don’t just live on the legacy of your past material, even if you easily could. New sweet track faves include: “Tombstone”, an homage to delicious frozen bake-in-your-own-oven pizzas, (One wonders if the AAK crew ever got to enjoy sweet sweet Tombstone Pizza before their terrible corporate takeover in the 80s?) “I like Making Friends”, a wonderful song of friendship and nachos, and Still Alive, a bit more, how shall I say, musically mature, instrumental.

But enough about that. Now it’s time for this. If you are unaware of the sound that AAK’s putting down, it’s a wacky blend of Ramonesesque punk riffs, a dab of surf guitar, the Grease soundtrack, Meatmen style gruffness, a Broadway musical, and the Latino flair of Manic Hispanic. So dig on that if you can.

At any rate, there’s a new AAK release. It is your new immediate favorite. If you need to contact the band to play your sister’s quinceanera or something, you can google ‘em up on the interwebs at

If that all ain’t enough to get your guts in a bunch, I got two more questions to ask you. Are you ready? Are you ready for meatball spaghetti?

–Jerry Actually

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