I Scream Records releases Hoods’ “Pit Beast”

I Scream Records releases Hoods “Pit Beast” on June 9th in the US!
One of the most brutal and honest West Coast Hardcore bands ever!!

This record is a must for any hard music fan, featuring 11 brutal, heart felt songs. The music is a call to arms for all those who have grown tired watching Hardcore be exploited and bastardized.

Hoods are a Hardcore institution formed by Mike Hood in 1995. Since that day the band has built a legacy that has outlasted the fakes and pretenders who have infiltrated the Hardcore scene.

Hoods have toured North America and Europe many times and can be considered as one of the hardest working bands out there. They’re on tour in the US right now and will invade Europe in May ’09. So look for Hoods at a festival or club near you soon!!

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