Dead On A Friday – Hope It Was Worth It

(c) 2007 Stabsco Records
Rating: ★★★½☆

dead_on_a_friday I know that I’m pretty lax on getting reviews up promptly a lot of the time, but from the copyright date to my door took two years, so I guess I’m not so bad… but on to the review. Queens New York natives, Dead On A Friday certainly have tenacity. Founded in 2002 they went through three drummers, several hazardous apartments, a nervous breakdown and countless hours of therapy (according to their bio) Finally after five long years, the band finally put it to wax so to speak. Hope It Was Worth It is 13 tracks of melodic punk. They have a very Bad Religion feel to me, but with the kind of cold gray edge you’d expect from East Coast winters. The music is tight, good quick pace, no epic length (over 3 minute) BS tracks. For sake of brevity, go find these guys and like them. Like them as much as your little heart can muster. Hope It Was Worth It does in fact seem every bit worth it.

–Jerry Actually

Heads Held High – So Say We All

(c)2008 Heads Held High on Crossface Records

Rating: ★★★★½

hhh Hot damn, it’s good to listen to old-fashioned, ass-kicking hardcore punk!  I hope these guys have stock in bass drum heads and throat lozenges; I’m sure they go through a lot of them. 

So Say We All is an 11-track musical masterpiece. You get screamish vocals from a frontman who can also sing, classic punk guitar notched up with nu-metal riffs, staunch and strumbly bass support, and insanely exceptional drumming.  Clever nuggets of movie quotes pop up between songs with lyrics ranging from introspective, self-abasing, life-loving and regime challenging — brilliant.

Heads Held High deliver an album that makes you want to go out and drive fast, drink hard, and kiss beautiful strangers.  I can’t wait til they tour the West Coast — go get this CD, learn the lyrics so we can go sing along when they’re here.


Jaya the Cat – More Late Night Transmissions With…

(c)2007 I Scream Records

Rating: ★★★★☆

jayathecat-morelatenighttra Bosterdamian group Jaya the Cat deliver a unique fusion of punk, reggae, rock, and ska that took a few listens before it gelled into awesome.  More Late Night Transmissions With… bounces across the Atlantic like Cannabis Cup winning weed followed by a dram of 20 yr barrel aged Glensomething whiskey — oh-so-hazy and smoother than a mo’fo’.

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Punk Rock Bowling

Hey Folks,

We’re just about 5 weeks away for the best party all year long: The  11th ANNUAL PUNK ROCK BOWLING TOURNAMENT!! There are still rooms available, so please head over to www.punkrockbowling to book ’em  before they’re gone.

New venues and updated lineups for our shows are below.  Tickets can be purchased at on the shows page:

Premiere Nightclub
3015 Fremont St, Las Vegas
Doors: 8pm / 18 and over / Full Bar with ID Bowlers get in for FREE / Free Shuttle buses Tickets $16 COCKNEY REJECTS THE DWARVES AMERICAN STEEL OFF WITH THEIR HEADS THE IGNORANT

Special Show
Tickets on Sale Dec. 15

Premiere Nightclub
3015 Fremont St, Las Vegas
Doors: 8pm / 18 and over / Full Bar with ID Bowlers get in for FREE / Free Shuttle buses Tickets $15 MANIC HISPANIC

**please note, if you previously purchased tickets we are working on  contacting you directly, or you can email:

See you Vegas!