Jaya the Cat – More Late Night Transmissions With…

(c)2007 I Scream Records


jayathecat-morelatenighttra Bosterdamian group Jaya the Cat deliver a unique fusion of punk, reggae, rock, and ska that took a few listens before it gelled into awesome.  More Late Night Transmissions With… bounces across the Atlantic like Cannabis Cup winning weed followed by a dram of 20 yr barrel aged Glensomething whiskey — oh-so-hazy and smoother than a mo’fo’.

Gravelly-voiced Geoff growls, croons, and skanks his way through this 13+1 track album. With songs ranging from band-on-the-road observations through to political outcries, their lyrics are a potent hit. Grumbly drums, rockin’ guitar, subtly layered bass and flowy keyboards make this fivesome a crafty crew that surely deliver more of a party at their live gigs.

Boston love song “Government Center” struck this ex-Mass girl especially: “The speaker’s blown and the needle’s worn…they say when you leave, you can never go home.”  The jem atop this crown of an album is Jaya’s bonus-track cover of “The Harder They Come”, one of the best I’ve heard.  It’s hard to draw a comparison to other bands, as there aren’t any in Jaya the Cats’s realm. Give them a try if you like Boston punk, reggae, and songs about Amsterdam — you’ll be impressed.


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