Hirnsäule – Salto

(c) 2010 Hirnsäule


Ok, so here’s some weird cool stuff if you’re a punk rock fan that doesn’t speak German, but doesn’t mind or thinks it’s neat when others do. From the best I can tell, this release is called “Salto” from the German band, Hirnsäule. The band’s name appears to mean “brain pillar”, which I take to probably mean “spine” … I could be way the hell off. This “disc” was a digital download, so I don’t have any concrete publishing information, so I just attributed it to the band.

On to the music though. Salto contains 15 tracks of DK/Dickies-esque warbling vocal frenzied punk. Some of the tracks are in English, some in German. Honestly it isn’t the easiest to decipher which are which. This doesn’t detract in any way from the enjoyment. I’d venture to guess that the tracks with the English titles are the ones that are done in English. I’ll let you be the judge of that though. http://www.hirnsaeule.de

The similarity to Dead Kennedys is both apparent and apparently genuine. That aside, the music is quick paced and quirky. The overall feel is garagey with just enough polish to make you want a catch a live show to compare the difference.

This is good stuff and just goes to show that in the crazy digital age, music is more accessible than ever. Maybe that takes some of the eliteist fun out of it, but so what. It’s a big damn world get out there and explore it a bit, even it you never leave your house.

–Jerry Actually

One thought on “Hirnsäule – Salto”

  1. Hi Jerry! Thanks for your review!

    On our homepage you’ve got the electronic version of the CD, which “in the real world” comes in a neat (recycled) cardboard cover, all are handmade and slightly different, produced by ourselves under our bassist’s label “Umsturz Records”, comes with lyrics and artwork (you can find that also online)…. i’m still working on the translations from german-> english + spanish; spanish-> english + german; english->spanish + german, but they will be included asap (that’s why we didn’t send it abroad, yet).

    For all vinyl lovers: We are planning a split LP release with a spanish band… still have to find one! 😉


    Thomas Lindenbaum
    -Umsturz Records-
    Voxtruperstrasse 12
    49082 Osnabrück

    Tel. : +49- 541- 57 35 64

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