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szewska_pasjaIt’s been a bit since I’ve done any reviews. I guess I kind of hit a wall with words. Occasionally, something shows up in the mail box that makes me remember why I keep doing this. A few weeks ago I received a CD from Poland. Here’s some more words about that experience:

Szewska Pasja is a four piece punk band from Łódź Poland. If you are from the USA, chances are you’re saying Where the hell is that? Well, I looked it up, ‘cause I didn’t know either. It looks to be about smack in the middle of country. Since we’re taking a bit of an instructional turn, Google Translate indicates that the band and album are: Shoemaker Passion – three, two … Take that with a grain of salt. I don’t speak Polish. Enough with the lesson though.

Szewska Pasja seems like a pretty rocking band with a mix of surf and street into their brand of punk rock. All the vocals are in Polish, which is pretty rad. It gives me a sense of how it feels to be a kid rocking out and singing along phonetically to some big pop hit from another country, well minus the pop part I guess.

Trzy, dwa provides 11 tracks of fun and often bouncy punk, heightened for me by virtue of understanding nothing but the language of the music. The musicianship is solid and the recording is quite acceptable for what, as far as I can tell, is a DIY effort from a seemingly young band.

I wish I had some mp3 links for you, but alas, all I have is this Facebook page: Perhaps if you speak Polish you can find some on your own.

The takeaway: Sweet Punk Rock from the (former) Eastern Bloc!

–Jerry Actually

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