New Morning Glory Song!

Morning Glory’s debut Fat full length, Poets Were My Heroes, will be released on August 28th! A cathartic audio voyage from beginning to end. The album contains so many crescendos and opposing moments of reflection that when it came time to decide on which song best represented the album, we debated, hard…everyone had a favorite; but we settled on “Patiently” which does a nice job of representing the album as a whole. The verse is powered by strings (which is definitely different) and then the chorus brings a rollicking anthemic melody. It’s almost like a microcosm of the entire album. So, download it here, order your copy and get stoked to see them live! Preorders will receive a digital download link via email a week before release date. Read what Ezra from Morning Glory had to say about the song below:


Patiently… This is a kick ass song with a beautiful string section and it was one of the last songs we tracked for the new record; in part because it took a bit to save up for the string quartet. The words, especially the second verse, were written about an ex-gf who liked to destroy things, especially us. I hope she reads them one day. I really like this song, it’s got a beautiful staggered vocal section, a la “row, row, row your boat”, at around the 3 minute mark, which thoroughly frustrated Caleb, our violinist during the recording. This must be a great song cuz Fat picked it as the free download. It has a great melody and a lyrical tone which begs hope for everyone who feels like they do everything right even when no one is looking. We’ll definitely be playing it on our upcoming tour. In short, the whole record fucking sways and rocks and this is a good example of that cross section.

-Ezra Arrow Kire

Star Fucking Hipsters – Until We’re Dead

(c) 2008 Fat Wreck Chords
Rating: ★★★★½

Crack Rock Steady sound is back with yet another incarnation. This time that familiar societal lash back is tempered with the addition of some ladies. Don’t let the kinder, gentler sound fool you. For all of its additional polish and melody, Star Fucking Hipsters may be the most subversive of the crack rock stead bands yet. SFH currently consists of the following lineup: Sturg Fuckin’ Hipster – Vocals/Guitar, Nico De Gaillo – Vocals, Frank Piegaro – Guitar/Bass, Yula Beeri – Bass, Ara Slack – Drums. Until We’re Dead contains 12 full tracks and an intro. Alternating male/female vox and some silky smooth harmonies over top of a death grip of worldly angst help to solidify the album as plenty high up on my list of currently favorites. So, please do enjoy.

–Jerry Actually