Warsaw Poland Bros

Warsaw Poland Bros – Best of Ska & Rocksteady 1995-2005 (c)2006 Invisible Mass Records Best of Ska and Rocksteady is a great introduction into what really is some of the best ska and rocksteady ala the Warsaw Poland Bros.  Don't expect to be dazzled by something brand fangled and new, but do expect a grip of quality examples of up beats horn bursts and full on dancing good times.  Skankable and fun and a decade worth of material, how can you go wrong with that, huh?  Bare in mind that it is often hard to review 'best of' CD's – not quite as bad as comps – but still a challenge.  After all, what does one say when confronted by a selection of the best.  I guess, here it is.  This is the best example of what Warsaw does and well, its good.  It is, in fact, skankalicious!–Team !upstarter 

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