The Queers [Munki Brain]

The Queers – Munki Brain (c) 2007 Asian Man Records Hello Munki Brain! – Brand new bubble gum surf (Beach Boys style) pop punk, festive fun from perennial fav's The Queers.  It is good to see a band stay true to its roots as opposed to the atrocities that could have befallen them.  Let it be know that The Queers serve as a much better gateway band than say, New Found Glory.  The lyrics are catchy the songs are peppy and god damn it, they're fun. As an added bonus, if you couldn't find that brand new Beach Boys or Ramone's CD that you knew that was out there somewhere, look no further, Munki Brain is it.  It is the epitome of pop punk without the baggage that comes en tow with the usual tripe.  Bottom line:  Totally sweet! you get 13 tracks of classic Queers, only its brand sparkin' new.  What a deal!  (They also get an extra thumb's up from Jimmy 'cause they said, “Fuck”) –Team !upstarter

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