Mittens – Fool's on a Holiday (c) 2006 Mittens = Americana. They are classic rock in the way that rock and roll itself is classic, not in the twisted and wrong ways of "classic rock".  Their sound lends more to Elvis Costello or the Psychedelic Furs than say, Bob Fucking Segar. Fool's on a Holiday also has quite an Elliot Smith feel without all the trips to the hospital.  The CD is cohesive, but at the same time each track has its own distinct feel. Its upbeat and melodic and overall pretty good.  Breaking it down to the brass tacks, Mittens presents a softer more gentle side to rock.  It is smile inducing and familiar like warm socks or hot soup.  Get it.  You'll like feeling better about yourself and the world around you. –Team !upstarter

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