Nekromantix [Life is a Grave and I Dig it]

Nekromantix Life is a Grave and I Dig it 2007 Hellcat Records Back from a brief reprieve in the concealing ether, Nekromantix return with their third Hellcat release, “Life is a Grave and I Dig it”. Upon the first glance of the hovering disembodied heads and the coffin-shaped logo one can�t but anticipate the 50’s style horror shock waiting to burst out. Originally formed in Copenhagen, Denmark way back in 1998 and relocated to the black heart of Los Angeles, California, the reigning ghouls of psychobilly have once again emerged from their collective coffins to deliver 13 tracks of soul stirringly eerie rock and roll. “Life is a Grave and I Dig it” was well rehearsed before recording and captured with few retakes. Because of the recording style, the live quality and urgency of the CD shines through and helps to reveal the essence of a Nekro performance. Fans past and present ought to be able to appreciate that even through a myriad of releases Nekromantix remain fresh, (like a freshly dug grave) while staying true to form. For those out there who may be new to psychobilly, Think Stray Cats join up with The Misfits to form an inhuman all corpse super group (but oddly in this case a three piece super group). For those of you who are already familiar, “Life is a Grave and I Dig it” does not disappoint. Favorite tracks include: Track 3 – the title track, Track 5 Rot in Hell and Track 12 Panic at the Morgue. From here to the afterlife, Nekromantix full on rock!–Jerry Actually

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