Saliva [Blood Stained Love Story]

Saliva – Blood Stained Love Story (c) 2007 Island/Def Jam Let me sum this up in the beginning, Saliva: Not the worst band you’ll hear on the radio. That being said, you will hear this all over the radio. If that is your bag, well, run with it. From the band that brought you the video game super hit “Click Click Boom” Saliva is back with a brand new release, “Blood Stained Love Story”. Fusing hip hop lyrical flow and mello metal riffs and song structure that reminds me oddly of King’s X, “Blood Stained Love Story” really isn’t such a bad release for something so palatable and public ready. While it doesn’t shine on being terribly aggressive, it also isn’t in your face with screamin’ jackass vocals. For that alone I give it some merit. Beyond that it is a largely mellow release filled with non-threatening easy listening NuMetal.–Jerry Actually

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