Bayside [The Walking Wounded]

Bayside – The Walking Wounded (c) 2007 Victory RecordsBayside, glorious Bayside, home of the greatest band ever, The Zack Attack. Friends Forever!! Hells yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Oh, wait a second this isn’t about a band from Bayside High, this is about the band called Bayside. I reviewed a Bayside release a long time ago. I don’t recall much about it other than that I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I have good news to report. I didn’t immediately chuck this CD out the window. Though it isn’t what I like, per se, It doesn’t entirely incur my wrath. It is melodic. The music is tight with clever progressions and the vocals aren’t screaming bloody freakin’ murder at every change up. Those good points aside, it still seems a little milk toast. I prefer a little more edge on things. buy hey maybe that’s just me. I think if you like My Chemical Romance, you are probably a shoe in to be a Bayside fan.–Jerry Actually

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