Mall’d to Death – The Process of Reaching Out


(c) 2011 GC Records

I’m listening to the tracks off the new Mall’d To Death 7” “The Process of Reaching Out”. Mind you I’m not actually listening to the 7” because I’m some sort of dirt bag that doesn’t have a turntable. (which sucks) My audio challenges aside, I’m still digging on this band.

The new release is six short but catchy tracks, each clocking in at around a minute in length, with the exception of the opening ballad. It is 1:30 … epic! The tracks have snot filled snarl and requisite distortion. Fast breaks and short takes; That is what it is all about. It does however leave me in the position of wanting more. I guess the bonus is that you can listen to this more than eight times an hour. For you OCD kids out there, that should really float your boat. … Wash, rinse repeat. I suppose that is a damn fine marketing strategy.

Based on the brevity of the material, I will keep my review brief in kind. Mall’d To Death rocks it. Go buy yourself a copy.

–Jerry Actually

1. Standard and Poor
2. Migraine Belt
3. Throwing in the Moist Towelette
4. Hardcore 64
5. Guilty of Being Black
6. Spray Can Sam

For fans of: Short form punk rock and catchy hooks.

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