The Tossers [Agony]

The Tossers – Agony (c) 2007 Victory Records Just in time to be almost two weeks late for St. Paddy's Day, I submit for you The Tossers' new cd Agony.  I assure you this, listening to it is anything but.  Chicago's Tossers craft a fine blend of traditional Irish Folk Music w/ all the punk rock intensity that anyone could need in a rowdy rollicking drinkin' band.  Don't however mistake The Tossers for just another inebriated group of Pogues wannabes.  They brandish a musical fire all their own with depth and sincerity and, frankly, a bit more clarity than the aforementioned.  If you're one of the teaming faceless downtrodden masses urning for some musical uplifting, go ahead slap on this CD and toss back a pint or 12 with The Tossers.  My personal favorite is Track 7: Siobban – Enjoy!–Jerry Actually 

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