All Out War [Assassins in the House of God]

All Out War – Assassins in the House of God (c) 2007 Victory Records There have been words bandied about to describe the sound of All Out War, words like: brutal and the most brutal and totally brutal and brutal hardcore. My friends, these words are true.� “Assassins in the House of God”, The brand sparkin’ new disc from All Out War is a gutsy thrashcore assault to senses and an affront to any other band that can’t or wont do it like this. With out delving to deeply into the lyrical content of the disc, there are 11 tracks of aggro metal hardcore decrying evil in the name of religion. It is certainly an oft-covered topic, but based on the state of the world today, a timely one still. All Out War packs the dark metal intensity of Slayer or later Testament and delivers it with hardcore bombast like Sick of It All or Blood for Blood. Basically what I’m saying is that All Out War kicks ass on hardcore metal without having to rely on vocal styles ripped off from Napalm Death.–Jerry Actually

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