Headed for the Smoke

Headed for the Smoke – Dance & Destroy (c) 2006 A.T.S. RecordsHello hard rockin' 70's.  Welcome back.  Where ya been?  Well Jerry, we've been hangin' out with Headed for the Smoke and teaching them our guitar powered, arena drummin, thunder bass, Bon Scott vocal ways.  I see.  I see.  Yes indeed, Dance & Destroy, the new EP from Headed for the Smoke contains some serious Rock & Roll.  As with a lot of rock from both yesterday and today, Headed for the Smoke hails from Boston.  It seems as though you can't shake a stick at Boston these days with out knocking the weed out of the hands of some Rock & Roll band.  I'm not the biggest fan of rock out there by any stretch of the imagination, but these fellas seem pretty genuine and they got some catchy hooks.  If you like the rock, you go buy this EP now and support a few workin' class rockers.–Jerry Actually 

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