Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels – S/T (c) 2006 Teenage Heart Records They were just another band out of Boston.  Livin' out of bars, sleepin' in their cars.  They practiced every night in the street.  Well ok, maybe they didn't go to MIT or have day jobs at Polaroid, but Blood Vessels is, in fact, outta Boston.  Blood Vessel's self-titled release out now on Teenage Heart Records evoke a more rock version of some of Zeke's better material.  Along with that rock however, you get some of the elements of rock that I could live with out: wankin solos, songs over a brazillian years long.  I can get past the former if they are short, but having the epic four plus minute tracks make this disc seem a lot longer than its 35 minutes.  All of this aside, this is good rock.  It beats the shit out of The Strokes or The Hives or The Vines or any of the radio rock crap your likely to hear.  Bottom line: punk flavored rock that sometimes rocks too hard. –Jerry Actually

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