Sin Voz [Death to the IMF]

Sin Voz – Death to the IMF (c) 2006 Sin VozStraight outta Berkeley comes Sin Voz (that's Without Voice for those of you too inept to use an online translator).  They submit for your approval "Death to the IMF" I can only assume that they are referring to the "Interplanetary Magnetic Field" when they espouse their desire to destroy something that bears its initials.  Aside from plotting something that would obviously irreversibly alter the world as we know it, "Death to the IMF" is also a sonicaly diverse eight song E.P.  Vaguely like a cross species of Morrisey and Sublime, yet oddly Sonic Youth.  Add a splash of some post Grundge Eddie Vetter.  Speed it up a notch, on some of the tracks, and you've got some sort of idea of what I'm listening to right now.  It seems to me that Sin Voz is working on making some rather transcendent music.  I should expect no less from folks that haunt the UC Berkely campus.  Overall a refreshing sound in comparison to much of the tripe slid across my desk, however it also is a bit on the depressive side.  I think the mix would benefit from a little more edge.  It seems as though it was softened up a wee bit too much.  That aside if you like moody tempermental alternative, give ol' Sin Voz back some of their voice in the form of cold hard cash.  Their E.P. is available via iTunes and CD Baby . –Jerry Actually

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