Greetings From The Welfare State

(c)1999 BYO Records

I love listening to comps. I hate reviewing comps. There are just too many aspects going on at once. Do I pass judgement on the music as a whole or the individual artists or the generation as a whole? It’s hard to say. This comp Brought to you by BYO and Artcor Fanzine is “Greetings From The Welfare State” and no their not talking about Arkansas. This is the Best of British Punk going on now. Sure they may have a tiny little island, but they get the evil dreary weather that fuels their angst and misery. I should know I’m in Portland, OR (misery central) Whatever, If you’re looking to cross some international waters to pick up on some stuff the kids down the street arn’t into yet, go grab this comp and find some culture in the punks from the UK. Highlights for me include Goober Patrol, Newton Grunts and Four Letter Word. Later I’m Out…

–Jerry Actually


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