Pinhead Circus – Everything Else is a Far Gone Conclusion

(c)1999 BYO Records

Ok, Here’s the brand new release from the Colorado trio know as Pinhead Circus. I like these guys, but not always on the first listen. This disc took till the fourth run through before I finally started really grooving along. I’m not in any way implying that the suck and they’ll grow on you. I just didn’t immediately fall into place with their groove. None the less you get 11 tracks of melodic Pop Punk and if that’s what yer into than by all means go get it. On a side note what is it with bands recently putting fewer and fewer tracks on their cd’s? “It’s quality not quantity”, You say. “Bullshit”, I say you pay the same omount for the disc wether or not there is 8 tracks or 28 tracks. I say, “The More the merrier” Sure it’s nice to see new material out but I like a lot of new material. Anyhow go get this CD. and Play track 9 for your older siblings (provided that your older siblings are about 25-30) they’ll get a kick out of it.

–Jerry Actually


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