Gallows [Orchestra of Wolves]

Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves (c) 2007 Epitaph Records Ok, guess who kicks ass?  Give up? Gallows, that's who!.  I'm in agreeance with anyone and everyone that says Gallows is the best new punk band to come outta England for a damn long time.  Orchestra of Wolves, the band's Epitaph debut contains 14 blistering scathing rants of social commentary and urban survival as well as an homage to Black Flag with a cover of Nervous Breakdown added as a bonus.  While I'm not going to comment on each and every track, I will say that Gallows packs a lot of them same energy and vitriolic sonic swirl as the Nerve Agents.  Orchestra of Wolves is frenetic and fierce.  The songs lash out at you in a disjointed swagger that at every turn threatens to explode.  The oddest parts is that while every track is perched on the brink of its own destruction, the same discord keeps everything firmly glued in place.  This disc is due out on July 10th. Do yourself and everyone you know a big favor and listen to this as soon as possible.–Jerry Actually 

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