Tiger Army [Music From Regions Beyond]

Tiger Army – Music From Regions Beyond (c) 2007 Hellcat Records Music From Regions Beyond, or if you are like me, Tiger Army:IV is the much anticipated release from SoCal Psychobilly mavens Tiger Army. This is the fourth full length release (not including The Early Years) and the band’s most polished effort yet. I have to be honest, I was very anxious and a little nervous that this release would be a vast departure from the Tiger Army that I enjoy. I was fearful that it would be more ‘commercial’. I’m pleased to announce that despite all the hype, Music From Regions Beyond remains true to form. All the darkness and soul searching is still intact in Nick 13’s songs. Despite the obvious pop rock production value in the recording, the tracks aren’t calling out to be majorly embraced by the radio rock community. As much as I wish Tiger Army success, I hope that they continue to achieve it while remaining true. So far so good. 2.) Hotprowl 3.) Afterworld and 9.) Hechizo de Amor are some of the stand out tracks, however, each and every one of them are damn good. All said, Music From Regions Beyond is a bad ass disc that will be loved by fans old and new.–Jerry Actually

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